WIAW #54: A Rungry Sunday

I’ve shared the depths of my runger on this blog many times, first in a WIAW last July and most recently in one featuring my New York City Half Marathon weekend eats. Today’s WIAW is from another rungry Sunday, this past one, when I ran the MORE Women’s Half Marathon and subsequently was so demanding where food and drink were concerned that I thought my boyfriend was going to lose it. Luckily, he’s a trooper and puts up with me and my runger 🙂



4-17-16 Post Half Food Insta




Before the race, I had just a glass of lemon water and a bag of Kay’s gluten free protein pretzels. I ended up dehydrating quite a bit during the second half, and immediately downed a bottle of water and a few small apples on the way to brunch at EJ’s Luncheonette afterwards, where a vegetable frittata, turkey sausage, and buttered gluten free toast perked me up a little.




EJ's frittata, turkey sausage, and gluten free toast




In between cleaning up at home and heading out for ice cream, a period of about two hours, I managed to down more decaf coffee, iced tea, a raspberry Siggi’s yogurt, dried apple and banana chips, many spoonfuls of peanut butter, and another apple, as showcased in the spread below. Also, another bag of Kay’s pretzels dipped in the peanut butter.




Yogurt, peanut butter and fruit




Then, ice cream at Emack and Bolio’s, this time swirled in their soft serve machine. It’s not like regular soft serve – they take the ice cream flavors you choose and put it in a machine that softens and swirls. I had chocolate covered strawberry (chocolate frozen yogurt and strawberry ice cream) topped with rainbow sprinkles.



Emack and Bolio's Chocolate Strawberry Soft Serve





I like to walk around after running a race to make sure my muscles don’t get too tight, plus it was gorgeous and in the low 70s outside, so we took a long loop in Central Park. Right near Engineers Gate on Madison near 91st Street is NoGlu, a gluten free bakery imported from Paris, where two canelles (little pastries made with crepe dough) were sampled, as well as a blueberry cheesecake.




NoGlu Bakery





I’m ashamed to say that my runger actually turned into hanger/dehydration headache crankiness during the later part of our walk in the park. Brett got me home, where I had even more snacks while he went for his own quick run before an early dinner. I had some turkey, carrots and cucumbers, some fruit, two Apple Cinnamon Flax muffin bites with peanut butter, and I actually ate the Quinoa Flake Breakfast Bake with chocolate chips that I’d made for Monday’s work breakfast, so I had to make another one. That one was with sunflower seed butter. Plus some caramel ice cream and an apple. I’m not kidding.




Cantaloupe and Honeydew

Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin with peanut butter

Baked Quinoa Flax Cake and sunflower butter

caramel ice cream




Bareburger refueling is the way to go. As Brett said at the end of the day when I mentioned it, we hit our standard weekend trifecta (EJ’s, Emack and Bolio’s, and Bareburger) and there’s really no reason to go changing that. We always get quite a spread but this time I might have outdone it on my end. I had a salad with a turkey burger, he tried the sweet potato and wild rice burger, and we shared a bison burger in a collard green wrap. I’m slowly moving back in the direction of meat. I used to be strictly fish and poultry, then started eating duck in England and once I discovered the duck burger having that more regularly, and I have to say, I liked bison. Now that I’m eating very few grains, and less dairy than before my elimination, I neeAlso, fries for us both and onion rings for him. This photo doesn’t really do our meal justice, but rest assured it was a satisfying one.









After a nice walk up the East River, a trip to 16 Handles was in order despite multiple sweet treats already during the day. I knew another ice cream wasn’t the way to go but a mix of strawberry and peanut butter frozen yogurt with dark chocolate chips and sprinkles did the trick. Then, while we were eating outside on a bench, Brett spotted a just-opened shop across the street called Treat House. We had to investigate, and it turns out, it’s a store that makes exclusively rice krispy based treats, with certified gluten free rice krispies (no malt flavoring!) Brett was too stuffed to try one, but I had to go for a sample. The dark chocolate topped treat with a gummi raspberry left me certain I’d be coming back for more. And finally, with that, I was full for the day.





Strawberry and peanut butter frozen yogurt at 16 Handles

Raspberry Chocolate Krispy Treat at Treat House












What’s the most runger you’ve ever experienced?


When you get rungry, what’s your go-to meal?


After a race: walk around or stay put?










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18 thoughts on “WIAW #54: A Rungry Sunday

  1. I often don’t take my own advice, but walking around after a race is usually good for you! It can help loosen up your legs and muscles so you’re not as sore the next day. All of those eat look so good! I love ice cream and soft serve. Look at those sprinkles! Hope you satisfied your runger- sounds like your body needed some fuel!


  2. And now I need to find some soft serve ice cream!! It’s so hard to come by. And a cafe focusing on Rice Krispie treats!? How amazing is that.
    This is awesome. Everything looks delicious. I think when I am any sort of hangry I long for a big fat Mexican burrito!


  3. This is my kinda day of food! The runger is so real. That bakery looks absolutely GORGEOUS, seriously this is probably the most delicious looking WIAW I have read in a while.


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