WIAW #53: Spring Beach Weekend Eats

This WIAW is all about my eats from a weekend at the shore. It won’t be what you’d expect from a typical beach weekend, because even though it was April it was actually snowing on Saturday and lots of the boardwalk eateries were shuttered, but you will see lots of eggs, and of course, some ice cream. Because that happens no matter which way the weather goes.



Spring Lake beach




Let’s start with Friday evening, when I grabbed dinner at the Little Beet for the road since we didn’t leave NYC until around 7pm. I went with grilled chicken, string beans and cauliflower. Actually, it was the second day in a row I was there, after lunch Thursday where I enjoyed salmon, string beans, and a buckwheat soba noodle and cabbage salad. I typically only eat lunch out once a week, and it’s often at the Little Beet because it’s safe for me to eat there since it’s a 100% gluten free facility, but this week I had two treat meals. I just didn’t have the time or ingredients on hand to pack three meals each day, and didn’t have dinner at home planned for either.




Little Beet salmon, string beans and soba noodles




On Saturday morning after my run, Brett and I went to a restaurant called Mariner’s Cove, whose claim to fame is that they serve more than 250 omelet combinations. Of course, I didn’t want any of the combinations on the menu and instead created my own. What can I say? I like what I like. I had chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, mushrooms, and spinach in what must have been a 5 or 6-egg omelet. I ordered strawberries on the side because of cross-contamination with the fries and home fries, and a pound of berries with a giant dish of whipped cream was delivered to the table. The slight stomachache from dairy overload was well worth it. Also, I would like to point out that I finished my food, while Brett packed up half of his to go. 




Mariner's Cove Omelet, strawberries and cream




Later that day, I snacked on apples and turkey jerky in the car en route to Philadelphia, where we ended up having dinner after the engagement party at a restaurant called Winnie’s. I had a grilled asparagus, goat cheese and chicken salad there but forgot to snap a photo.



Winnie's Manayunk




I did, however, manage to remember when it came to the yogurt I had for dessert when we got back. I began by crumbling two Enjoy Life soft baked snickerdoodles in it along with some blackberries, and proceeded to polish off eight of the dozen cookies in the box that evening. 




Enjoy Life soft baked snickerdoodles and yogurt





Sunday morning, Brett made me a smoked salmon and spinach scramble after my run. I may have eaten the other half of the package of smoked salmon while I stood over him, waiting impatiently. To follow, two small apples, and the promise of ice cream after a walk on the boardwalk.




Smoked salmon and spinach scramble




Ice cream happened at Cookman Creamery, which has lots of regular and vegan flavors. I tried the blueberry lavender vegan ice cream, which was good, but not as good as the peanut butter crunch ice cream I picked in the end. Topped with rainbow sprinkles, of course. After that, we went next door to the America’s Cup Coffee Shop, where I had an iced decaf coffee and a gluten free vegan mini banana chocolate chip scone. Way more demand for vegan food at the beach than I realized.



Peanut butter crunch at Cookman Creamery

Americas Cup Coffee

Peanut butter cup ice cream and gluten free vegan banana scone




The final tally for the weekend? Two amazing egg dishes, one out and one homemade. Copious amounts of chocolate. A trip to a new-to-me ice cream parlor. About a dozen apples, whether in the house, outside, or on the road. And the beginnings of an idea for a new scone recipe inspired by one of my treats, coming soon to Renaissance Runner Girl.







Favorite omelet combination?


Best snacks to eat on the road?


When do you consider it ice cream season?











ยฉ 2016 Renaissance Runner Girl. All rights reserved.


12 thoughts on “WIAW #53: Spring Beach Weekend Eats

  1. I love peanut m &ms on the road! And I think it’s Ice Cream season year round:) Thanks for sharing your eats! Everything looks good- now I want a veggie cheesy omelet!


  2. Mm… My favorite omelet combination is probably eggs, cheese, cilantro, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. My dad makes the best omelets. All of the breakfast places you find look SO good! We don’t have many breakfast places near us, so I love looking at your delicious omelets.


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