Weekly Workouts and Updates 4/4-4/11

Another Monday, another round of my weekly workouts and updates. This week featured a few of my regular work morning runs in Central Park, along with a couple of weekend jaunts in some new-to-me running territory, the boardwalk in the beach town where my boyfriend grew up. I’ll do a quick rundown of those before getting to the rest of the weekend events!



Bradley Beach



Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 4.2 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 7 miles

Sunday: 6 miles




I took it relatively easy this week, even though last week’s long run didn’t exactly go as planned. I have the MORE Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park coming up on Sunday, but I knew when I signed up that I wouldn’t have much “training” time in the wake of the NYC Half Marathon with weekends in Connecticut, running the Scotland 10K and dealing with wacky weather, and this one in New Jersey/Philadelphia on the calendar. I decided to run this race for fun because one of my good friends from law school wanted to do it as her first half, and I thought it would be awesome to be able to run alongside and support her. I won’t worry about time and I’ll probably walk a bunch because her training hasn’t been smooth, but I hope it will be fun and convince her to run some more.



Spring Lake beach





Speaking of that wacky weather, this week we had some sunny high 50s in the park followed by showers of ice…within one hour on Friday morning. At least I got in a windy run before the rain began on a stormy Saturday, and hen Sunday saw clear skies. Anyway, Saturday was mostly consumed by our trip to Philadelphia for an engagement party for two of his good friends, where I met a lot of new people and most importantly enjoyed a delicious brunch at Mariners Cove en route. The place boasts more than 250 omelettes, but I of course made my own combination of chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, spinach and mushrooms, polishing off the enormous a five egg dish. Plus I ordered strawberries on the side, because of cross contamination with the home fries, and they brought a pound of berries and a huge dish of whipped cream that I did a number on…




Strawberries and cream

Mariners Cove giant omelet and strawberries and cream




On each of Saturday and Sunday mornings I went for a nice mid-length run on the boardwalk, through the towns of Avon, Belmar, and Spring Lake. While it was pretty breezy I enjoyed the beach views, different than my beloved Ridgefield woods or the oasis of Central Park. I also enjoyed the “give” of the boardwalk. I wasn’t used to running on flat surfaces for so many miles but the  slight spring in my step on the wooden boards was a nice change.




Bradley Beach

Spring Lake boardwalk



We spent the rest of Sunday scrambling eggs at home, enjoying the sun even in the chill, visiting one of Brett’s favorite ice cream spots (just like when I did the same with him in Connecticut), and walking around town.




Spring Lake beach

Bradley beach mini golf

Peanut butter cup ice cream and gluten free vegan banana scone





An iced coffee, a gluten free vegan banana chocolate chip scone, and a scoop of peanut butter crunch ice cream with rainbow sprinkles later, we’d snacked our way back along the shoreline before getting ready to head back into the city to get ready for the week ahead.




Belmar boardwalk








Do you like the beach in winter?


Favorite surface to run on?


Ever been to the Jersey Shore or Philadelphia?










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14 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 4/4-4/11

  1. I go with my family to the Jersey Shore (Wildwood crest) every summer! I don’t think I have ever gone in the winter but when I lived in NY we would sometimes go to the beach to hang out when it was cooler. I like running on the beach in Jersey because right near the water the sand gets really packed so its a softer surface but not as difficult to run on as regular sand!


  2. Most of my runs are along a river and I love that when I look on the one side I see water and on the other side I see trees. It’s great to see how both change throughout the seasons.


  3. Sounds like you had a great time at the beach! I am not much of beach person, but I do like being near the water.

    Good luck on your half this weekend! It seems like you are racing every other week, lol. That’s really cool that you’re supporting your friend and hopefully helping her get into running for the long term!


  4. Those strawberries and whipped cream look so delicious ! I might have some of that for dessert tonight!

    I love the beach in the winter, more than in the summer. No pressure to go in the water!


  5. Yay for beaches! I’m definitely more of a fan of the beach in the summer, but if I can’t have that, winter is fine too! 😛 I’ve been to Philadelphia before, but not to Jersey Shore! This may change soon though since I’m spending my next 3 years in NJ! 😛

    (I want those strawberries in my life! :O )


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