WIAW #52: Workday Eats

This week’s WIAW is all about what I eat on a typical workday. After showcasing a half marathon weekend of eats, and one relaxing at my childhood home in Connecticut, I figured it was time to show you what happens most days of the week. It can’t be all amazing diner brunches and ice cream twice a day (although that’s necessary when it happens). Most days, it’s packed lunches and easy to prep dinners, although I always leave room for some sweet treats too…



Breakfasts are typically frittata slices from one I whipped up over the weekend, or baked quinoa cakes with peanut or sunflower butter. Sometimes I’ll make a batch of grain free Banana Bread Blondies for a treat to kick off the mornings that week. There’s almost always an apple or a pear to follow, and sometimes a Greek yogurt or skyr.



Grain Free banana bread blondie and Honey PB Insta

Mixed Berries Siggis




Lunches are usually desk salads. I try to keep things interesting by varying proteins (usually chicken, turkey, or smoked salmon), ingredients like goat or feta cheese or sunflower seeds, and tossing in veggies other than lettuce, carrots or cucumbers. Once a week I treat myself to the Little Beet or a salad from Chop’t, but otherwise I pack my lunch because it’s so pricey in Midtown Manhattan. The salad below is a combination – kale, beets, charred onions, celery, and tzatziki dressing from Chop’t, but I brought my own grilled chicken from home (better that way) and had carrots and cucumbers and hummus that I bought at the grocery store on the side.



Kale salad with chicken




Snacks are what I buy and bring to stash in my desk drawer, or grab from the office pantry. It can be more fruit or yogurt, something savory like Plentils or turkey jerky if I’m feeling like a salty bite, or even string cheese or hard boiled eggs if I have them on hand.




Plentils, Larabar and apple

Field Trip Turkey Jerky

Siggis Whole Milk Plain Yogurt





Dinner is usually at home, which I’m really lucky to be able to count on (in my industry it’s rare). I sometimes prepare a spaghetti squash and/or roasted veggies on the weekend, and have that paired with a protein. Last week, dinners included a spaghetti squash bowl with chicken and Parmesan, broiled Arctic char with broccoli rabe, and halibut with both spaghetti squash and broccoli rabe. Keeping frozen fish in the freezer along with some prepped veggies is the only way I can make sure I have delicious, quick dinners ready to eat before my hunger sends me running to Seamless or frozen Amy’s meals (how most people my age in my job cope).




Broiled Arctic char and broccoli rabe

Spaghetti squash, chicken and broccoli

Halibut, spaghetti squash and broccoli rabe




I always have another snack and dessert after dinner. Usually ice cream (maybe even a Banana Peanut Butter Chip Breakfast Sundae), something I baked over the weekend, or both, and an apple or some berries to follow if they’re in season.




caramel ice cream

Banana Peanut Butter Chip Sundae








What’s your most common weekday lunch?


Any big differences between your eats on weekdays and weekends?


Favorite ways to treat yourself to good eats on workdays?









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12 thoughts on “WIAW #52: Workday Eats

  1. This is great! I too struggle with the temptation to revert to frozen dinners or a bowl of cereal for dinner… Cooking for one after a long day of work can be quite the challenge! I love your ideas about meal prep while keeping it interesting and mixing things up throughout the week.


  2. My weekday lunches vary, because often it’s leftovers from dinner the day before. But there are certain staples, like curry because that’s so easy to prep over the weekend and freeze in 1-person-portions. On the weekends, my eats are a little more elaborate, and require some more prepping – which is a good thing because always eating quick to prepare meals is a sure-fire way to end up in a food rut, for me anyways.


  3. I love it when I see an “average day” type WIAW, it’s often more interesting to see people’s go-to, convenient foods than what is eaten on special occasions or during leisure time. Desk salads have always been my saviour just because they are so easy to make and transport… even though I technically don’t have a desk anymore! My weekday treats usually come in the form of ice cream for dessert… what can I say… Ben and Jerry are my baes.


  4. That quinoa cake looks good! Do you like Justin’s peanut butter? My most common weekday lunch is a huge salad with leftover omelet. 🙂 My favorite way to treat my family to good eats is to make some baked goodies in the middle of the day.


  5. Love the concept of week day / work day lunches. I waitress, so I rarely have time to even snack during a shift lol but on the days I attend University, on the go meals are definitely my go-to. It’s so easy to just pack a GF sandwich, but lately I’ve been loving tuna with honey dijon sometimes with some pasta thrown in too!


  6. Plentils- those sound neat! I will have to keep my eye open for them. My weekends are different in that I tend to graze a lot more. Being at home with an open pantry… temptation is real.


  7. Those plentil chips look so good! My lunches 99% of the time are leftovers from dinner. Like you, I always have a big bag of frozen fish in my freezer for easy dinners when necessary.


  8. You’ve got the weekend prep down pat. I know how important that is to eliminate some of the spendings through the week. Your “half half” strategy with your lunch salad is soooo something I do. I’ll sometimes bring my protein and a baked sweet potato and add it to something I buy – those add ins are so expensive!


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