March Monthly Recap

They say that March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb where the weather is concerned. Well, the opposite is true if we’re talking about my life. The first two weeks of the month were relatively quiet, coming off the whirlwind of my Florida trip. Then things sped up, quite literally, with my PR in the New York City Half Marathon, continued on to a weekend escape to Connecticut, and now it’s full steam ahead into April and everything planned for the spring. Read on for my March monthly recap and a peek at what’s ahead!



Central Park Reservoir at the start of spring



The first week in March, I had a few things going on, but nothing major. A trip to the opera, dinner at East End Kitchen, the first visit of the season to Emack and Bolio’s. All good things, but definitely lower key.



At the Metropolitan Opera House




As we got further into March, the winter chill seemed like it was on the wane. I thought spring had finally sprung, with a few gorgeous days topping 70 degrees in Central Park, more occasion for sundresses, striped shirts and ice cream. I shared a Behind the Instagram showcasing how I photograph my eats, and a WIAW post featuring lots of Saturday sweets.




Emack and Bolio's Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream




The highlight of the second half of march was my third try at the New York City Half Marathon. I set a PR of 2:06:04 and had so much fun racing this course, the same as the first half marathon I ever ran back in March 2014. Plus, it was the same day as Macaron Day NYC, meaning a refuel of brunch food, Bareburger, and complimentary macarons around the Upper East Side. In other running news, my monthly mileage totaled 109, so I’m inching towards my 120-mile/month goal for the spring bit by bit.




NYC Half Marathon Finish Line 2016

Half Marathon WIAW Instagram




Last but not least, the fourth weekend in March was spent outside the city at my family’s house in Connecticut, celebrating my mom’s birthday, introducing Brett to the town where I grew up, playing with my puppy, and eating even more ice cream. Does that surprise you at all?





Sasha and brett

Deborah Ann's ice cream instagram





Along the way, I made a commitment to creating and crafting posts for new recipes again, now that I’m settling into a more grain-limited food routine. When I was simply gluten free, I was posting recipes all the time, but it took awhile for me to get comfortable enough with grain free baking to feel confident in sharing my recipes. I won’t be going completely grain free, and future recipes will be a mix, but one of the first to appear here in March was my Buckwheat Quinoa Banana Muffins, along with gluten free and deliciously springy Blueberry Vanilla Muffins.




Grain, gluten and dairy free banana muffins made with quinoa flakes and buckwheat flour, hearty and delicious.

Gluten free Blueberry Vanilla Muffins, made with sorghum and quinoa flour and perfect for a sweet spring breakfast.






What else happened in my life and on the blog? Well, I shared the results of a blog survey, listing five favorites in categories from travel and food to books, music and movies. And I thought out loud a little bit about my shifting plans and priorities, what’s changed in my life since I started my new job in the fall and began “adulting”, and everything I have to look forward to this spring. Speaking of which, now ready for April over here!










What was the highlight of your March?


Any great races run or recipes concocted?


What are you looking forward to most in April?














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7 thoughts on “March Monthly Recap

  1. That totally happened to our March too. The first part was really sunny. Then we got a HUGE snowstorm last week. It’s amazing how God Almighty changes the weather so quickly. 🙂 I’m thankful for all the moisture we got. I’m curious as to whether April will bring any snow. 🙂


  2. I’m convinced that whoever coined the in like a lion/out like a lamb quote about March was clearly not from the MIdwest. In my dreams, buddy. We’re lucky if it’s consistently in the 50s by the beginning of May. And then it just jumps straight to summer.

    My March was eventful, but not eventful, if that makes sense. I celebrated my birthday and I also set a half PR (on the same day as you!) and went to visit family in Iowa, but all I really remember when I think about this month is marathon training. Just running, running and more running.


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