WIAW #51: Ice Cream Weekend x3

This weekend’s eats were partly showcased in my weekly recap post, but they were so good, I wanted to share them in full in today’s WIAW. Which is more of a What I Ate Weekend, and more specifically, an ice cream weekend…



Deborah Ann's ice cream instagram




Friday evening, Brett and I went to Deborah Ann’s so he could see the best place in town first on his first trip to Ridgefield. I have my usual flavors there, but I went for a special flavor-of-the-month thought up by a local elementary school kid called Charmsville. It’s literally sweet cream ice cream (sweeter and creamier than vanilla) with just the colorful marshmallows mixed in, which are the only part of that (thankfully gluten free) cereal worth eating. Even though I’m pretty much off oats and wouldn’t eat the cereal, I always just picked out the marshmallows anyway.




Charmsville ice cream




On Saturday, I had an omelet at home with chicken, cheese, and veggies, and some strawberries and raspberries to follow. First I had a glass of iced decaf coffee, then a mug of hot, because I realized that despite my spring fever my fingers needed some warming up after my run.





strawberries, raspberries and coffee




That afternoon in town, more ice cream with rainbow sprinkles at Deborah Ann’s, vanilla chocolate chip this time. Plus some raspberry gummies from the penny candy section.




Deborah Ann's ice cream with sprinkles

Haribo raspberries




Back home, a Pink Lady apple, and one of my Blueberry Vanilla Muffins. Or three. Who’s counting?




Pink Lady Apple

Gluten free Blueberry Vanilla Muffins, made with sorghum and quinoa flour and perfect for a sweet spring breakfast.




Dinner at Gallo Ridgefield began with a kale salad with pecorino romano cheese, cranberries, apples, and a lemon dressing. For my main course, I had sautรฉed snapper with wild mushrooms and black truffles on a bed of spinach.




kale salad with pecorino and cranberries Sauteed snapper with mushrooms




Afterwards, back to Deborah Ann’s for the third time in two days. This time, I went for black raspberry chip with peanut butter cups, and they certainly gave me a healthy helping of candy on top. I was surprised, but not about to complain! Along with a peanut butter pillow truffle from the box we bought my mom for her birthday, it was a sweet way to finish off the evening.




Deborah Ann's black raspberry chip with peanut butter cups

Deborah Ann's truffles









Ever go out for ice cream twice in one day, or 3-4 times in a weekend?


Favorite place to eat out on the weekend?


Which of my ice cream flavors would you choose?















ยฉ 2016 Renaissance Runner Girl. All rights reserved.


16 thoughts on “WIAW #51: Ice Cream Weekend x3

  1. The last one, black rasperry with pb cups, would have been my choice.
    I don’t eat ice cream often, but if I do its either something with berries or sumptuous, dark chocolate.
    Your dinner looks delicious, makes me want to make dinner reservations. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Your post is making me realize how long it’s been since I’ve had ice cream – maybe since July? My husband is getting his wisdom teeth removed this week and has been dropping hints about eating ice cream during recovery, so maybe it’s time to have some again. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Wow, that cake batter looking (ish) ice cream looks SO good. My favorite place to go for ice cream is definitely Cold Stone. It has so many unique mix ins and flavors. It’s always such a yummy treat.


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