Weekly Workouts and Updates 3/21-3/28

Hoping everyone who celebrates the holiday had a happy Easter! I’m checking in with my usual weekly workouts and updates, this time including a weekend at home in Connecticut to take advantage of the slowly-turning-springlike weather and to celebrate my mom’s birthday with a family dinner. First a quick recap of my runs, and then onto the weekend fun!


Monday: Rest day after the NYC Half Marathon

Tuesday: 4.2 miles

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 5.2 miles

Saturday: 6.7 miles

Sunday: Active rest day (a little stretching, lots of walking)


On Monday morning I woke up incredibly stiff, which was surprising because I wasn’t all that sore on Sunday afternoon after the race. We did walk around a lot after (basically, it was run, eat, walk, eat, repeat, which in my opinion is a perfect Sunday). I tend to recover best with some walking and activity after a race. Just sitting on the couch makes my muscles tense up fast! I feel it a little the next morning, but not like this. I think it’s because I ended up running hard at the end with my negative splits, and running faster for further than I have before. I declined to shake it out on Monday, preferring to foam roll (painful, but necessary) and sneak in some office yoga. Instead, I got in some easy runs during the workweek, and by the weekend felt good enough to go a little longer Saturday, though not as long as usual. My next race is the Scotland 10K on April 2nd, and I have the MORE Women’s Half Marathon April 17th, so I’m trying to figure out if I’ll get in another quality long run before the latter.



central park lake in march




The rest of the week was relatively uneventful. I had some ongoing runger for several days after the race that could only be sated with chocolate, but what else is new? I was actually pretty busy at work so there were some long days, but I got through it and looked ahead to the weekend. I was happy to be heading home to Connecticut. Last time I was there was a month ago, and it’s always nice to escape the city for a couple of days. In addition, although we don’t celebrate Easter, it was my mom’s birthday and we planned a family dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Ridgefield.



Ridgefield Rec Center




Friday night after getting off the train, I took Brett into town to get some ice cream at Deborah Ann’s. It was his first time visiting Ridgefield so he had to see the important places first! He got my old favorite flavor from childhood, Carnival, and I tried a new flavor thought up by a local elementary school kid called Charmsville. Sweet cream ice cream with just the colorful marshmallows from Lucky Charms, also known as the only parts worth eating. It was amazing topped with sprinkles.




Charmsville ice cream




Saturday morning I woke up and headed out for my run. It was pretty nippy out there, in the mid-30s, but it warmed up as the day went on and the sun was out so it felt more like spring. Afterwards, we went to brunch in town, hit Deborah Ann’s for some more ice cream, penny candy, and a box of chocolate for my mom, and took a walk on Main Street. We also hit the a Ridgefield Rail Trail before heading home because it turned into a very sunny early spring afternoon, perfect for long walks with a light jacket. Or if you’re a yellow Labrador with a built in coat.




Sasha and brett




Dinner at Gallo was delicious. Last time I was there was for my belated law school graduation dinner at the end of August. It tends to be a place we go for celebrations like that and for birthdays. I had a kale salad with cranberries, apples, pecorino cheese and a lemon dressing to start, and sautéed red snapper with wild mushrooms, spinach, and black truffles in a lemon olive oil sauce.  Not that everyone wasn’t stuffed and it wasn’t getting chilly, but a third trip for ice cream in two days seemed in order for a celebration. This time around I went for black raspberry chip topped with a very healthy helping of mini peanut butter cups.




kale salad with pecorino and cranberries

Sauteed snapper with mushrooms




Sunday meant relaxing woods walks with Sasha, and a trip back to New York City to begin the week ahead. I wish the weekend could have lasted longer, but the beauty of time is that another one will be here before we know it. Complete with more sunny runs and ice cream refuels. Maybe the spring weather will decide to stay, although I already consider it time to indulge in cool treats…




Deborah Ann's black raspberry chip with peanut butter cups







Do you enjoy escaping the city for the weekend?


Most trips to the same ice cream shop in a small period of time?


Which of my ice cream flavors would you choose?









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13 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 3/21-3/28

  1. It must be spring because I have been craving ice cream lately! We got milkshakes after dinner on Saturday night. I no longer live in the city, so its nice to go down there once in a while, but when I did live there I always enjoyed getting away for a bit.


  2. loving those ice cream pictures! I would pick out the lucky charm marshmallows for sure since that’s how I do things lol. we are so close to summer when everyone looks forward to escaping the city! while I don’t live in the city, it’s second nature for me to associate the weekends with the escape, especially in the summer when the rest of my family (aunt/uncle/cousins etc) “escape” and head to their beach house out here for the weekends which is always fun for me since I head there too.


  3. Do you enjoy escaping the city for the weekend?
    Well, we live in the country, so I guess I enjoy getting out of the city, when we have to go in for errands. I’m definitely more of a country girl. 🙂 But I do love the bustle and variation of cultures in big cities!

    Most trips to the same ice cream shop in a small period of time?
    Hmm…. I’m not sure. Maybe 2 times in a week. I guess it would be more like the fro-yo shop.


  4. There is nothing I love more than getting away from busy downtown San Diego for the weekend. After reading this post I need a giant scoop of ice cream haha!


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