Weekly Workouts and Updates: Spring Has Sprung, 3/7-3/13

I don’t want to jinx it, but after this week, it seems like spring has sprung in New York City and I couldn’t be happier with the sunshine. It wasn’t a particularly cold winter. In fact, most of it was rather mild, save the arctic freeze over Valentine’s Day weekend. But there’s something about the arrival of spring, a season when the world is in bloom and everything is reborn, that’s particularly conducive to lazy weekend mornings, long runs in the not-yet-hot sun, fresh foods, and a general feeling that now is the time when new hopes and dreams can come alive.



Bow Bridge



My workouts this week weren’t particularly intense. After my pre-Florida 10-miler, and last weekend’s back to back longish runs, I’ve been tapering before the New York City Half Marathon on March 20th. Although since I haven’t been training according to any particular plan, even my own, I don’t know if you could really call it a taper. More just scaling back slightly before the day.


Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: “Rest” day (I walked 15 miles this day!)

Saturday: 8 miles @ 10:05/mile pace

Sunday: 6-mile morning walk 


I decided on Saturday that I shouldn’t push it when I realized that I was running around 9:50/mile for the first 5 miles, but slowed down more than half a minute after a water break and felt my legs tiring. I was enjoying the sunshine in the park so much that I wanted to continue, but I probably should have stopped after mile 6 and know that running only 3 days was for the best this week. 






Even though my running mileage was lower, I ended up walking even more than usual because it was so nice out, in the 70s on Wednesday and Thursday and high 60s on Friday. I spent my lunch breaks in Central Park, and I ended up meandering through the park after waking up a bit earlier with the sunrise on the way to work and strolling through on the way home. It was strange to see kids playing hockey at Wollman Rink while I was in summer clothes! And on Friday, once I got home we walked more to get ice cream for dinner. Chocolate Peanut Butter with sprinkles to start the weekend. 




Emack and Bolio's Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream



On Saturday after my run, I took some time to bake a few new recipes I’ve been working on and photograph them in the afternoon light. I’ve been baking throughout the winter, but a lack of time to photograph the recipes or think of anything interesting to say means it’s been awhile since I posted a recipe on this blog, and I’d like to get back in the habit. I’m starting this week, so look out for Friday’s post featuring my Buckwheat & Quinoa Banana Muffins.



Grain, gluten and dairy free banana muffins made with quinoa flakes and buckwheat flour, hearty and delicious.




I kept it pretty low-key on Sunday, with Daylight Savings time meaning a lost hour of sleep. A long morning walk in the park and some more blogging and baking. I may have over-indulged in the treats I was busy photographing, but it’s all fuel for the NYC Half. This time next week, my three-peat will be complete!






Do you taper before races when you run close to that distance on a regular basis?


Have you been enjoying the arrival of spring?


Tips for marathon blog recipe shoots?








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21 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates: Spring Has Sprung, 3/7-3/13

  1. it’s been so nice out! I do taper for races even though I normally run the distance just so I can have rested legs and go faster without wanting to die. I thought of you on Saturday since I was on the upper east side! we almost went to emack and bolios but ended up by bloomies instead (which you saw on Instagram).


  2. It has been so nice here too! I had a feeling it wouldn’t last and sure enough, it’s not nearly as nice this week. But, it’s still above freezing so I’ll take it. Progress!

    In an ideal world, I would taper for any race, no matter the distance. Going into a race with fresh legs can make a big difference. However, it’s not really a possibility when I run them in the middle of marathon training because I need to keep my mileage up and stick to my plan. I treat my half marathon weeks as cutback weeks so I can scale back a bit, but I can’t afford to full-on taper for one.


  3. Hooray for spring! I’ve been trying to walk more lately since I can’t really lift weights right now.

    I wish I had some good tips for you on the marathon blog recipe shoots, but alas! I need some tips too, hahaha.


  4. That icecream looks so tasty. I am currently in taper mode. My big race is next Sunday I have been doing 13 miles the past few wks. Since that is the distance of my next race I thought I should take this wk off so my legs are fresh for the race. I am enjoying this spring weather as well. It’s about time!


  5. I taper no matter the distance. Any race I run I want to race my best, so I try to have my legs be as fresh as possible.

    It was spring like here too this past week. But this week so far it has been sort of dreary. Today especially. Bummer too, because I got all excited.


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