Weekly Workouts and Updates 2/29-3/6

After skipping a week of weekly workouts and updates to bring you my February recap, I’m back at it again, having kicked into gear this week with running as I get ready for the New York City Half Marathon on March 20th. It’s nearly time for round three after it being my first ever half marathon in 2014 and the second stab last year, and it’s the start of a spring race calendar with the Scotland 10K on April 2nd and More Women’s Half on April 17th. All this leading up to the start of my training in May for the New York City Marathon.



Central Park Reservoir at the start of spring




Monday: 4.9 miles

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: 6.2 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 9.3 miles @ 10:09/mile pace

Sunday: 8 miles @ 9:58/mile pace


Right before I left for my weekend in Florida, I did a 10-mile run on Friday morning which turned out to be my peak before the half. I thought about going longer this weekend because I’ve never run more than 10 miles in training, and tend to begin tiring two-thirds of the way in. I also felt like it might be a good idea with marathon training on the horizon. But I was in a time crunch Saturday morning and wasn’t about to go even longer on Sunday. Besides, I actually felt like I got in some pretty good (if chilly) runs this week on the heels of that 10-miler and a 7-mile jaunt in Florida on Sunday morning before brunch. And I think going long two days in a row might help with my endurance just as much as a single 11- or 12-miler. I plan to do my usual runs this week and taper the long runs to 6-7 miles next weekend, and hopefully I’ll feel good at the half!




Central Park Reservoir at the start of spring




Other than running, there were a few things on the agenda this week. We went to see The Marriage of Figaro at the Metropolitan Opera House on Thursday, taking me back to my old stomping grounds at Lincoln Center. I visited one of my best friends for the first time in awhile and gave her little boy the plush Oswald the Lucky Rabbit we picked up at the Magic Kingdom.



At the Metropolitan Opera House




Just as notable was my sighting early Friday evening of a dog carrying a package of ground beef for its owner home from the grocery store. I was shocked. Sasha would have torn open the packaging and gone at it before two seconds passed, but his owner said he’s able to carry a rotisserie chicken without giving in to temptation!



Dog with grocery store stuff




On Saturday evening we had dinner at East End Kitchen, a nice neighborhood spot with lots of delicious options for me. I went with the 1+3 menu where you pick a main and three sides, and had seared scallops, roasted fingerling potatoes, sauteed spinach, and roasted brussels sprouts. And French fries that came with Brett’s burger. And then we went for our first ice cream trip “out” of the season, since it’s now March and it doesn’t matter that it was 35 degrees, because it’s always the right time for Emack and Bolio’s.




East End Kitchen scallops and vegetables BeFunky

Emack and Bolio's Ice Cream and Sprinkles




Otherwise, all’s quiet in my corner of the Upper East Side, if only for a brief moment. There’s a lot on the calendar for the upcoming months,







How long a run do you finish with before tapering for a half marathon?


Ever been to the opera?


Is it getting warmer for spring where you live?









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21 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 2/29-3/6

  1. Looks like a great weekend and a few good runs!
    I love going to the opera every once in a while.The Marriage of Figaro is great – as are the other Mozart classics like The Magic Flute and The Abduction from the Seraglio.
    Have a great week!


  2. You two are so adorable all dressed up! Looks like a good training week.. jealous of your runs! I need to get my butt in gear with running longer distances. Your dinner looks soo good, and the ice cream, oh my gosh, I want some!! It’s supposed to hit the 60s this week, so I’m crossing my fingers for some quality outdoor runs!! Hope you have a great Monday! 🙂


  3. your ice cream picture made me happy – love seeing sprinkles! I ran the more fitness half twice – I almost forgot it’s coming up! when I trained for my first half, I am pretty sure I ran 13 miles before running the half. since then, as you know, I run that distance often. I like to always go above the 10 when I can because it’s between 10-13 that always get me! I want those miles to be as comfortable as possible so I try to make them routine. You will do awesome!


  4. I’m crazy and always run one 12 miler before a half marathon to to ease those race day nerves. I also have friends who only get up to 8 miles in training then crush it come race day. You’ll do great in your race- good luck 🙂


  5. The longest I’ve done is 12 miles before a half marathon, but for my first half I did 10 and still felt good on race day. Right now I’m taking a couple days rest/scheduling PT to address some knee issues. The longest I’ve done so far is 10 miles (twice) but I’m hoping I can at least do 11 before race day! Either way, I’m going to give it my all.


  6. I’ve heard a week is good for a half marathon taper, especially for someone as experienced as you are. It’s getting warmer around here (I’m attempting for shorts on my run tomorrow!) and I am so excited for Spring! You both look really classy on your date! I’ve never been to the opera, but have seen the musical Phantom of the Opera many times. Such a good show. Have a great week 🙂


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