WIAW #47: Allergy Free Mickey Treats

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about my weekend in Florida, I got to try a new Disney restaurant as well as brunching at an old favorite, and indulged in Mickey treats galore throughout a day in the Magic Kingdom. This WIAW is all about my eats from midday Saturday through the same time Sunday. You can check out my past posts on eating gluten free at Disney World during the 2015 and 2016 marathon weekends, and at Disneyland during the Dumbo Double Dare here on the blog. You might recognize some of these allergy free Mickey treats if you do…


Disney Food Collage




Lunch on Saturday took place at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. Like everywhere else in Disney, they have a dedicated allergy menu, but you have to ask the cashier at the service counter. When you do, they’ll send a cast member out to take your order specially, and your food comes out on a different colored tray. You might need to wait a little extra time at a quick service place like this one – my food took 5-10 minutes longer than my boyfriend’s lunch, and his family had a similar experience waiting for allergy friendly food at Pinocchio Village Haus. But my grilled chicken sandwich on a gluten free bun, with fries from a dedicated fryer, hit the spot after a morning of darting around.



Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe gluten free chicken sandwich and fries




Partway through the afternoon, we stopped in at the Main Street Bakery so I could grab a decaf iced coffee. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but the Disney Starbucks are the only ones I’ve seen with lines like they have for the rides. I also enjoyed a Mickey treat from the Main Street Confectionery.




Disney World Starbucks iced coffee

Mickey Mouse rice krispy treat



For dinner, the whole family headed to the Skipper’s Canteen, a new restaurant in Adventureland. The chef came out to speak with our group since four of six had allergies. I couldn’t eat the allergy free rolls, so the chef sent out some watermelon for me to start with, and I chose the sustainable fish with vegetables as my entree. It was tasty, but the portions are small, and that seemed to be the case for many dishes at this particular restaurant. I’d say that overall this is an allergy friendly option, but go expecting to order multiple courses or plan on having a light meal to save room for other treats in the park afterwards.



Skipper's Canteen allergy menu

Watermelon at Skipper's Canteen

Skipper's Canteen roasted fish and vegetables




And that’s exactly what we did. Like I mentioned yesterday, we headed out in search of ice cream and wound up with free Mickey bars to celebrate! I also got a few extras at the Confectionery, and grabbed an apple at the fruit stand in Liberty Square. Whoever thought packing two apples in my backpack of snacks for the day (along with carrots, gluten free pretzels, and jerky) was enough was kidding themselves…



Mickey ice cream bar




I knew my eats on Sunday morning would be good, because we were heading to the Captain’s Grille for brunch, where I got my allergy free Mickey waffles to refuel after the half marathon for the past two years. This time around, it was just 7 miles around the Boardwalk and the path that runs behind the Epcot area hotels, but I ended up going with the flow and ordering my waffles as part of the brunch buffet. So for me, brunch kicked off with a bowl of watermelon and cantaloupe, then moved on to some smoked salmon and grilled turkey sausage, and culminated in my Mickey waffles with scrambled eggs which I made into a waffles sundae replete with maple syrup, blueberries, and rainbow sprinkles. Ah-mazing.




Captain's Grille melon and smoked salmon

Captain's Grille allergy free Mickey waffles

Captain's Grille allergy free Mickey waffles




I was stuffed afterwards, but I have a tendency to say I’m so full I couldn’t possibly eat another bite, and then be ravenous an hour or two later, so my boyfriend asked them to make an exception to the typical no take-out boxes at the buffet rule for the leftover allergy free waffles. Our table had put in multiple orders and there were two left, which we took along with us to the airport, on the plane, and ultimately back home. I got to enjoy another special meal and feel a little Mickey magic even back in New York 🙂




Allergy free Mickey waffles






Favorite allergy free menu item at Disney?


Waffles or pancakes?


Any special treat you always look forward to on vacation?









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15 thoughts on “WIAW #47: Allergy Free Mickey Treats

  1. When you say allergy free, you piqued my interest. But my son’s allergic to the top six allergens- so no eggs, dairy, peanut or tree nuts, wheat, or soy.
    Are you certain they are allergy free or just GF and Dairy Free?? It’s really hard to find any full allergy free menu items for him.
    It is nice to know they have dedicated friers.


    • I only have issues with wheat and tree nuts, although I do limit dairy. But two others I was traveling with are gluten, dairy, and soy free and they were able to make them waffles as well. I think you’ll always find options for the top 8 allergens, however they may not be able to provide certain items – I don’t know if they could do egg free waffles for example, but certainly they’d provide other options!


  2. I love waffles because you can fill the cracks with toppings, but I also love pancakes. 🙂 And I’ve never been to Disney while having to find allergy-free options, so I will have to keep this in mind if we go again! Gluten free would be the one we would have to look for! 🙂 We are so blessed to be in an age where we have so many allergy free options.


  3. Our group contemplated going to the new Adventureland restaurant during our upcoming trip in August, but we’ve been reading such mixed reviews about it, especially about the portion sizes. We decided to sit it out this trip, and hopefully they’ll iron out some of the issues that they have and we’ll be able to try it out on another trip.


  4. OMG! Everything!! I never thought about it, but it makes sense that Disney would need to have lots of allergy-free options for all the people/kids that have allergies. Also, can you believe I only went to Disney once during the 4 years I lived in FL?! And it was free cause my friend got me in haha!


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