WIAW #46: Saturday Spoons and Plates

This WIAW is a change from the usual, because I’m sharing my eats from a Saturday at home in Connecticut instead of on a workday. That means food on actual plates and other fun stuff. Even for my pre-run breakfast, which was a banana version of my Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug with chocolate chips and a spoonful of extra peanut butter, paired with a small Granny Smith apple. I ate around 8:30 and read the paper and stretched so I had an hour to digest before my 8.4 miles.



Banana scone with peanut butter and apple



After my run, I was ready for a real brunch around 11:30am. I usually have a savory dish first and follow it up with something sweet. I made a Parmesan and chicken omelet with some local olive oil from New Canaan, Connecticut, and paired it with sliced cucumbers and baby carrots since I always like some refreshing veggies with my brunch. Not as much as on a true “long run” day when I’ve gone 10+ miles and the runger is raging, but still satisfying.


Grilled chicken omelet and New Canaan olive oil

Chicken and Parmesan omelet



I had another apple with peanut butter afterwards, and then a piece of dark chocolate from a box of Bridgewater Chocolates my dad had picked up for my mom for Valentine’s Day.



Granny Smith apple and peanut butter

Bridgewater Chocolates




For a late lunch at 2pm, I made a salad with romaine and shrimp, and some tomato and mozzarella salad from Genoa Deli. I used to go there all the time in high school – before my Celiacs diagnosis I was a fan of Genoa mac n’ cheese Fridays before football games. 



Mozzarella and tomato salad

Salad with shrimp and mozzarella




A snack was in order to tide me over until dinner. I went for a bowl of baby carrots and hummus and ended up standing in front of the fridge rolling up turkey and ham slices too. After my run and a walk in town with Sasha, I needed some fuel, and I’m not too fancy about that even if I did use real plates the rest of the day. Before too long, it was dinnertime. Grilled mahi mahi with roasted butternut squash and broccoli, topped with Parmesan cheese.




Mahi mahi, broccoli and squash




For dessert, a cup of Moose Tracks ice cream with even more peanut butter. I love the natural peanut butter we have at home, and I eat spoonfuls all day long just like I do with my jars at work. I probably had a few more than detailed here, but you really don’t want to see the spoon-in-jar five times. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong about that.




Moose Tracks with peanut butter








Do you eat differently on weekends than during the week?


Any foods you snack on all day long?


Favorite pre-run meal?









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17 thoughts on “WIAW #46: Saturday Spoons and Plates

  1. Definitely a day of delicious food!
    On weekends my meals are often a little more elaborate and require some more prep-time than during the week, but I don’t change what I eat in terms of the type of food – I really don’t believe in cheat days…


  2. I love to snack on nuts all day long. 😀 Your day of eats looks so good. I used to not like seafood, but I’m thankful that I like it now, because all of your seafood looks tasty. We don’t get it as often in Colorado, because we’re a bit landlocked, but it just makes me more grateful when we do get to have some. 🙂


  3. Your meals look so yummy! I probably indulge a little bit more on weekends, since I do my long runs Saturdays and am usually famished! I typically don’t drink alcohol during the week but may have a glass of wine (or two!) or a beer on the weekend. I love snacking on fruit, cashews, and dark chocolate! Favorite pre-run meal right now is a slice of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a shot of espresso, but I may start adding 1/2 a banana to that as well.


  4. I don’t think I eat too differently on weekends than the rest of the week. If I go out for brunch though I usually have a later lunch or just eat a bigger dinner and not have lunch. I also snack more on those days haha. I used to not snack but now at my job we get products from different sports nutrition companies and I taste test them. It’s a rough job, but someone’s gotta do it 😉


  5. (I apolgozie if this comes twice – I was having difficulty with my internet and commenting today)
    I don’t think what I eat differs too much between week and weekend, but how I eat it – most definitely. The weekend is the only time I get to eat off of real plates! Its amazing how much of a luxury it becomes when you don’t need to throw your food into a tupperware. I’m all about eggs, fish, chocolate and peanut butter right now, so this day is so to my liking.


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