Weekly Workouts and Weekend Updates: Frozen Edition 2/8-2/15

I’m coming at you a little later than usual this Monday with my weekly workouts and weekend updates. Having my office closed on President’s Day means I get to work from home and squeeze in some baking and blogging. It’s been a long week, and a cozy but absolutely arctic weekend, but there were some shorter runs and a lot of food to fuel them.


Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 4.1 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 6.1 miles + 20 minutes of yoga

Sunday: 6.4 miles


I attempted to do a long run both days of the weekend, and turned back after about 3 miles both times, because of the chilly temperatures. I have a Spider Girl-type running top from L.L. Bean that leaves just my eyes and nose exposed, but when my breath starts to freeze on the inside and the tip of my nose begins to numb, I know I need to get myself back home before I succumb to sickness or injury. I might be a crazy winter runner, but I won’t risk my health! It was probably for the best anyway, because I’d been exhausted all week and feeling a little dizzy, and the side of my left shin and left big toe were also causing me a little discomfort. Which is strange because all my injuries (ankle, knee, hip) have been on my right side. 



Central Park after a mild snowfall




So what did I fill my week with with running on the back burner? For starters, my morning on Monday was totally made when my friend Courtney asked me post-dinner-party if I’d be willing to bake some of my allergy free brownies and confetti cupcakes for her in exchange for payment because she enjoyed them so much! I was thrilled. I love to bake and it’s therapeutic in a way, and I harbor not-so-hidden dreams of opening an allergy free bakery business one day, but to have someone ask now is absolutely thrilling. Of course I said I’d be happy to, so right now as I type this those cupcakes are in the oven, emanating their apparently craving-worthy vanilla scent…



Grain Free Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies for Courtney




There was more food, of course. How could there not be, after a week in which I added back in some of my favorites after my elimination ended, and shared my favorite healthy snacks? On Saturday, Brett and I met some friends at the Green Kitchen for brunch, where I polished off my turkey and feta frittata and roasted potatoes in no time. And somehow was starving again by the time we arrived at the Natural History Museum to see the planetarium show. Neither of us had been since we were kids on field trips, and it was a fun outing – but by the time we returned, we knew we had to pick up sweet potato fries and ice cream for the evening.




Green Kitchen frittata

Green Kitchen frittata




On Sunday, we went to Pascalou for a lovely Valentine’s Day brunch. We were there a few weeks ago during the blizzard and both really like it, and my gruyere, mushroom, and ham omelet with white truffle oil did not disappoint. However, I failed to notice that mixed in with the melon and berries I had in my fruit cup was some mango, which resulted in a detour afterwards to a Carnegie Hill pharmacy for some Benadryl and a very sleepy me for the remainder of the day. Still, I think that any day involving a (botched) run, delicious brunch, and flowers and Francois Payard macarons is a winner. Oh, and mandated viewings of National Treasure and Notting Hill. It’s the little things that count when it comes to love. Like brunch food, apples, sunflower seed butter, and sweets. 




Pascalou brunch omelet

Francois Payard Macarons







Has it been too cold for you to complete outdoor workouts?


What did you do for Valentine’s Day?


Favorite food to warm up when it’s freezing?









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19 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Weekend Updates: Frozen Edition 2/8-2/15

  1. I had to move many of my workouts indoors because of cold temps this week, and it was so awful. It totally killed my spirit. It practically gave me a fit having to move my long run to Sunday to avoid freezing Saturday temps – Sunday running and I have just never gotten along particularly well.

    Yikes about the mango, that’s gotta be scary :-/ Glad you still have a lovely Valentines Day!!


  2. I didnt run outside on Saturday, but Friday and Sunday were pretty cold. I usually don’t eat oatmeal after a run but that’s what I had after Fridays run! It was warm and fast, so it definitely hit the spot. All your food looks yummy! Enjoy your day working from home.


  3. We’ve been lucky here in Germany regarding the temps. We had perfect running weather this weekend – sunny and +8°C.
    I think I’m about one brownie photo away from making your fudge brownies – because you don’t ship yet, do you? 😉 The brownies look so delicious!


  4. Mmm. Those macaroons look amazing.

    Saturday weather was freezing, so I stayed snuggled on the couch with only a brief detour to the grocery store for supplies. I made some delicious soup & a big ol’ bowl of that + lots of baguette for dipping really is the best cold weather meal in my opinion.


  5. I’m so glad your elimination diet ended so you could enjoy some treats on Valentine’s Day. That’s a blessing! Keep up the running girl and enjoying God’s awesome creation!


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