Five Healthy Snack Ideas

It’s been awhile since I posted a Five Things I’m Loving This Friday, and I figured it was about time to start again. The topic that came to mind this week? Snack ideas. As I mentioned in last week’s and this week’s WIAW posts, while on my elimination I’ve been hungrier than usual, and that’s saying something considering I’m generally in run-eat-repeat mode. And without my usual go-to snacks like Greek yogurt, I’ve been figuring out where else to turn. The fruits of my labor can be found in the five healthy snack ideas I’m sharing today. Pun totally intended πŸ™‚


1. Fruit and Nut Butter

An apple and a spoonful or five of peanut butter or sunflower seed butter is one of the best snacks out there. The fruit fills you up, while the healthy fats from the nut butter means your sweet snack will have staying power. I used to be all about the apples and peanut butter all the time, but I’ve also been into sunflower seed butter lately. Meaning I’ve been going through a jar a week…


Pink Lady Apple

Woodstock Organics Sunflower Seed Butter





2. Veggies and Hummus

Another classic, but on the savory side. Some baby carrots, celery sticks, or cucumber slices give me the crunch and hydration I crave, and hummus or baba ganoush means I’m not starving again a few minutes later. 



Carrots and cucumbers

Abraham's Baba Ghannouj



3. Jerky

One of my newer discoveries while on this elimination. I was never a jerky fan before because I’m not a red meat eater, but I picked up some salmon jerky the other day that was pretty interesting, and pounced on this tasty turkey jerky that I found in the work snack basket the other day. It’s a little salty, so I definitely need to drink a lot of water alongside, but it packs all the protein I tend to crave in a snack.



Field Trip Turkey Jerky




4. Dried Fruit, Nuts, Chips, and Bars

I tend to save dried fruit for emergencies because it’s so high in sugar, but I’ve found that pairing it with peanuts or sunflower seeds and a big bottle of water can be the perfect on the go snack when eating an actual apple or banana is out of the question. There are a lot of healthy options on websites like and Graze, and I appreciate the ability to order them off the Internet when I don’t have time in my busy schedule to hit the store! I can’t buy a lot of pre-packaged mixes because I’m allergic to tree nuts, so I like the ability to pick and choose. I also go for lentil chips and sweet potato chips in these situations, and like to pair them with nut butter or hummus as well.


Plentils, Larabar and apple




5. Mini Muffins

A little more labor intensive than all the other ideas on this list, but worth it if you’ve got a few minutes on the weekend to whip up a batch of muffins for the week ahead. I love making quinoa flake muffins or apple cinnamon flax muffin bites for a sweet treat, also perfect paired with that nut butter I mentioned, or mini frittata muffins for another savory snack on the go.



These Cinnamon Raisin Quinoa Muffins are grain free, dairy free, and the perfect winter sweet treat.






Favorite healthy snack?


Best combination snack?


What do you like to whip up on weekends to keep you going during the week?





Disclaimer: I was asked to participate in a conversation about healthy snack ideas by, but I was not compensated in any way. All opinions here are solely my own.





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10 thoughts on “Five Healthy Snack Ideas

  1. I constantly find myself having to switch up snack options. I just get so bored with what I can eat at work while popping in and out of meetings, all while trying not to be a distraction as I crunch away on my apple or crackers. The struggle of a snacker πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve always wanted to try the turkey jerky. These are all great and simple ideas. I work in retail so I don’t always know when lunch time can and will be. I generally end up eating and snacking on the fly.


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