WIAW #44

This WIAW showcases one of the last days of my elimination, when I was missing dairy like crazy and still super hungry all the time. I had high hopes last Thursday that a baked quinoa cake, a few dollops of peanut butter, and a giant apple might hold me over from breakfast for an entire two hours until an early lunch. No such luck, though it was delicious.



Baked Quinoa Cake and Peanut Butter



Morning snack was a slice of the smoked salmon frittata I brought for lunch. I was tinkering with the mix of spices I use for the filling in my Smoked Salmon & Quinoa Quiche ahead of my dinner party, so I made a batch. It was supposed to be lunch for a few days, but it turned into brunch as an in-between meal rather than the main event.



Smoked salmon frittata

Pink Lady apple




Since I’d eaten my lunch and didn’t have something packed for Friday, I swung by the Little Beet for a box of grilled chicken, blistered string beans, and charred cauliflower around 1:30pm.



Little Beet chicken, green beans and cauliflower



I didn’t snack as much as usual that afternoon, just some baby carrots and hummus, probably because of the three filling meals I had before 2pm. I had to get to the grocery store after work which always takes a little time, since everyone coming home from the office descends at once, to pick up ingredients for some of my dinner party recipes as well as staples for me like a new jar of sunflower seed butter and some So Delicious ice cream šŸ™‚



Grocery Haul for elimination diet




By the time I got home and made myself dinner, I was starving again. I went with broiled garlic crusted mahi mahi, spaghetti squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and tomato sauce. The photo below is of this meal when I made it several weeks ago, but the only difference was a lack of goat cheese – I was so hungry I actively thought about snapping a quick photo and dug in instead! I missed my goat cheese, but I knew I’d be able to eat some on Saturday evening as dairy was to be my first add-in after the elimination.



Broiled mahi mahi and spaghetti squash




For dessert, I indulged in a couple of the Grain Free Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies I made that evening ahead of the dinner party. They really need to be refrigerated overnight to be at their best, but I didn’t care. They were perfect paired with some of the So Delicious ice cream. Some honeydew to follow, and I called it a wrap.



Grain Free Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies







If you’ve done an elimination, what couldn’t you wait to add back in?


If you’re having a party, do you start prepping several days ahead?


Are you hungrier in the morning or the evening?









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12 thoughts on “WIAW #44

  1. I’m definitely more hungry in the morning – not early morning when I actually have my breakfast (a little before 7am), but around 9 am is when I’m naturally ready for a decent meal.
    I definitely plan my meals at dinner parties in a way that I can at least prep some of them the day before – less stress on the day of the party is always a win!


  2. I try to prep ahead as soon as I can! Whether it’s making a list, buying ingredients or even prepping food that can be made in advance. Love dinner parties! Looks like a good day of eats- Definitely all stuff I’d eat!


  3. Those brownies look yummy!! I’ve never had to do an elimination diet but I think I’d probably have a hard time, haha. Since I don’t eat meat, I’m not really sure what I’d be able to eat on the diet. (Plain veggies and fruit I guess?)

    Happy WIAW!


    • They are amazing indeed, a half dozen girls polished off nearly a whole pan in a sitting šŸ™‚ I guess doing an elimination requires you to prioritize. I don’t eat red meat but if I was vegetarian, I’d have had to eat a dozen eggs a day instead of just a half dozen…because I couldn’t not do the elimination, because of the health issues.


  4. I’ve never done an elimination diet, but I hope you are able to really figure out the causes of the problems, and add back in some food groups. I’m always hungry in the morning, probably hungrier than in the evening. It kind of depends though, because I work out in the afternoon.


  5. I’m sorry, I forgot the questions you asked because I am salivating over the brownies!! Recipe?!
    For the dairy elimination you could try coconut or soy yogurt. They are pretty good too šŸ™‚


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