WIAW #43

This WIAW showcases a transition during the second week of my elimination. I decided to stick it out for three weeks of no grains, dairy, or soy, to see if any of these might be the culprit of some health issues I’d been experiencing on and off. Like last week, it didn’t mean I wasn’t able to enjoy lots of delicious food, with a little creativity and planning ahead. I’m used to being extra careful, after all! However, one thing changed toward the middle of the second week. I started to be ravenous all the time. For no particular reason. In fact, last week I only ran three days, with lower mileage than the rest of the month. I’m not sure if the elimination did something to my metabolism, but this usually filling breakfast of a microwave pumpkin scone and a huge dollop (maybe 5-6 spoonfuls) of sunflower seed butter only stayed me for an hour on Friday!



Pumpkin scone with sunflower seed butter



I followed it up with an apple, a few more spoonfuls of sunflower butter, and some veggie chips. I then proceeded to eat my previously prepared lunch of some quinoa salad and chicken breast, along with baby carrots and hummus, by 11am.


Quinoa salad and chicken breast



Around 1pm, I went to meet my friend Kaitlin for a little lunch break walk, and she gave me some scrumptious-looking dark chocolate edamame that I plan on digging into come the weekend when my elimination is over (soy is the first thing to add back in).



Dark chocolate edamame




The afternoon was filled with various little snacks, including a pear, a bag of Plentil chips, a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar, and another apple and a squeeze packet of peanut butter. Some pictured here. One thing I’ve been doing more during this elimination is eating more packaged snack foods, which is the weirdest thing, since I thought it would be the opposite – but when I’m at work, I can’t necessarily scramble myself more eggs or eat a chicken breast when hunger strikes. Normally I reach for a yogurt, now it’s one of the other snacks, and that’s something I would rather not get in the habit of.








I wound up having breakfast for dinner at the Green Kitchen. A lox and onion omelet with a pile of home fries, and I was so hungry by the time I dug in that I actually cleaned my plate. I usually clean my plate every time I go out to eat, but home fries are the exception – I usually don’t finish them because they give you so much, and because after I ran my first half marathon without any fuel before or during, I went to a diner and ate a giant bowl of home fries and got sick, so I tend to be more careful now. All bets were off this week!



Green Kitchen Lox Omelet




For dessert, some So Delicious coconut milk ice cream and more spoonfuls of sunflower seed butter. Honestly, I think about a third of my calories are coming from sunflower seed or peanut butter…



So Delicious Oregon Mixed Berry

Woodstock Organics Sunflower Seed Butter








Favorite meal this week?


If you eliminated these food groups, what would you miss most?


Any tips on curbing hunger other than nut butter (or avocados, which I’m allergic to)?









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17 thoughts on “WIAW #43

  1. Yum, that quinoa salad looks delicious – it actually looks like tabbouleh.
    You often hear that it takes dairy up to two weeks to get out of your system, so I would love to know whether you have noticed a difference in how you feel apart from the hunger.
    If I’m hungry I usually go for nuts as well – an apple most often won’t cut it…


    • Honestly, I thought all was well until Monday – when I woke up having similar stomach problems in a bad way to how it was a couple months ago. I can’t figure out if it’s because there was something in what I ate when I went out to eat on Sunday night, or another reason.


  2. I think I might actually miss dairy the most, because I really like ice cream and yogurt. It looks like you’re doing a pretty good job with the diet, and I hope it helps you figure out your health problems. ❤


  3. This WIAW just gave me 4 new items to hunt for at the grocery store- thank you! I’m thinking I might need to implement an elimination diet when I have the time to plan for one… did you find that planning for everything was time consuming??


    • OH and also, I find protein to be the ultimate hunger-curber (not a word, but let’s go with it?) When my mornings are crazy, I usually pack an apple, but I’ve been pairing it with vegan protein powder lately and it keeps me far fuller than the apple alone. Small addition, but a big difference!


  4. My boyfriend and I are doing the Whole30 right now, so we’ve also eliminated gluten, soy and dairy. It’s been tough to find carb replacements for my BF because he tends to eat a lot of oatmeal and brown rice, and his metabolism is crazy and he’s just blowing through the meals!


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