Weekly Workouts and Updates 1/24-1/31

Rabbit, rabbit. Starting February off right! January flew by pretty fast, but not before I squeezed in some good runs during the last week of the month. So let’s take a look at my weekly workouts and updates and see what’s next for me with running.


Central park path plowed



Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 4.2 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 10 miles @ 10:10/mile pace

Sunday: 5 easy miles and lots of walking



This week, my total mileage was lower than it has been, and lower than where I’d like it to be (25-30 miles). However, I got in my first really good long run since the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and it was on a glorious Saturday morning in Central Park. When I started, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it ten miles, but by the end I definitely felt like I could go further. It also meant I ended January with 105 miles for the month. So I’m calling it a good week!



Central Park winter sunrise




Running makes me happy, but sloshing around in all the melting snow all week walking back and forth to work was also pretty fun. Puddle jumping becomes a combat sport when it’s a battle for that certain stretch of sidewalk where you can just make it without getting totally soaked. When you’re clad in Hunter wellies, however, you can just stomp on through…



Hunter wellies

Grand Army Plaza in snow



This week was actually pretty uneventful after the bustle of the blizzard. I met up with my friend Kaitlin for a walk during lunch one day to get away from the office for a few minutes, and she gave me a lovely little Valentine’s Day gift which was much appreciated, as you may have seen on Instagram. Can’t wait to try these once my elimination is at an end (it’ll be three weeks this coming Saturday). Of course, given my use of a Lululemon tote as a lunch bag, and her excellent use of one as a gift bag, my office now looks like Lulu herself lives there.



Dark chocolate edamame




By the time the weekend rolled around, I was glad to just kick back and relax. Other than my long run, I hung out with Brett, had to do a little work from home, and ate a lot of sunflower seed butter and sweet potato fries, if we’re going to be totally real about how I spent my time 🙂



Woodstock Organics Sunflower Seed Butter







How were your workouts this week (or month)?


Are you still digging out of the snow if you live on the east coast?


Favorite wet weather footwear?









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10 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 1/24-1/31

  1. I need some new rainboots. But if I’m being honest I struggle finding ones that will fit my calves & still be comfortable. Sigh.

    But really, my favorite wet weather footwear is my fuzzy moccasins because I’m assuming that really I’m curled up on the couch with a blanket or the porch with a blanket & some coffee. 🙂


  2. Thankfully Philly has had a lot of snow melt with warmer weather, so the effects of the storm are almost completely gone! Nice job on your runs. I’m increasing my mileage as I train for the Cherry Blossom Run, but I’m a little nervous about doing too much too soon.


  3. I have never heard of dark chocolate edamame. Sounds good. It has been so warm this wk so far after our snow last wkend. Glad we are done w that for awhile. I actually got a few runs outside Which was a very nice change from what I have been doing on the treadmill.


  4. Great week of running so soon after the marathon!
    When you said you went out for a walk with a friend to get away from the office, it made me think. You just became a lawyer right? I always had the impression that they were chained to the desk (or is that when you’re in law school) and put in SO MANY hours each week. How much truth is it to what I’ve heard/read? What kind of lawyer are you?


    • What you’ve read is definitely true for the most part if you are a lawyer at a big firm in NYC like I am! I can’t be super specific due to confidentiality, but I work in a niche area and am able to put in most evening and weekend hours from home, which makes me about the luckiest lawyer I know 🙂 I probably work 50-60 hours a week, but most of the scheduling isn’t my decision. I can take a lunch walk for an hour if it’s slow, then I might go home that night and have to work for four hours on my laptop, it really all depends on the workflow.


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