WIAW #42: First Week of Elimination

This WIAW showcases my eats from the first week of the elimination I’ve been doing for health reasons. With no grains, dairy, soy, or alcohol, and limited sugars, it looks a little different than my typical eats. No Greek yogurt, ice cream, or gluten free oats. But it’s still been delicious!



Whole30 grocery haul



Breakfast on Tuesday was a Baked Quinoa Flax Cake made with coconut milk and yogurt instead of regular yogurt, with some dark chocolate Enjoy Life chips and a dollop (okay, five dollops) of sunflower butter, alongside a mug of apple spice tea.



Baked Quinoa Flax Cake and sunflower butter




For lunch, I had an odd assortment of food. On Sunday night, we were snacking on sweet potato chips, carrots, hummus, fruit, and other assorted goodies. I took a bag each of carrots and sweet potato chips and the rest of the hummus to work, and that paired with some turkey slices became my midday meal. Which I polished off far too early, resulting in a run to a market near my office for some quinoa salad, veggie chips, and a peach, as you may have seen on Instagram.




Sweet potato chips, hummus and carrots

Quinoa salad popchips peach



Snacktime later on (really, this was just a continuous snacking day) meant a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar. I haven’t eaten many Larabars before, although I know many other bloggers are fans, because I’m allergic to most of the flavors since they contain tree nuts. I saw a few of these in the lounge at work though and figured I’d give one a try. The only ingredients in this flavor are dates, peanuts, dark chocolate, and sea salt. It was tasty, not like a regular peanut butter cookie but definitely good for a bar, although a bit high in sugar for an afternoon fix. I’m thinking these could make great marathon fuel though!




Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie




Breakfast for dinner came in a bowl of eggs, peas and carrots, and wild mushroom chicken sausage. I typically only eat these breakfast foods when it’s closer to lunch or dinnertime during the week, since breakfast on weekdays is before 9am and for some reason my body always wants the sweeter stuff to go with my morning tea or decaf coffee. This is something that might change as I learn to curb my sugar cravings, but for now, it makes as good a meal at 6pm as it would nine hours earlier.




Eggs, veggies and chicken sausage




For dessert, some chocolate chip coconut milk ice cream by So Delicious, with a few spoonfuls of sunflower butter on top and an apple to follow. Sweet, delicious, and the perfect allergy free way to end the day. I’m really glad this elimination does not involve doing away with coconut!



chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter

Pink Lady Apple







Have you ever done an elimination eating plan?


Do you crave sweet or savory at different times of day?


Are you a breakfast for dinner person?









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13 thoughts on “WIAW #42: First Week of Elimination

  1. Haha, yes there are those snack days… I’ve been there 🙂
    It’s really great that you document the elimination diet through WIAW so we can peak “behind the scenes”.
    One question though, do you feel like you need to prepare more of your meals ahead or could you easily transition from one diet to the other by just shopping differently?
    I’m definitely interested to read along as you continue this journey…!


    • I already had to prepare most of my meals ahead due to my allergy combination – no wheat, tree nuts, avocadoes, or oranges means that eating out at lunch around my office is tough anyway with the exception of two places, and I don’t like spending $10-$15 on lunch every day. So I was already bringing breakfast and lunch to work 4 days out of 5!


  2. I took out gluten and dairy to help tame my rhematoid arthritis, and it was a true miracle the help it brought! I’ve since then integrated those foods back into my life but I know now that if I get a bad flare up, I need to go back to to those basic guidelines.


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  4. i saw the “elimination” on WIAW and had to read! it’s basically what i’m trying to do now- a flexible W30, but i’m doing a short W30 followed by veg W30, because I dont eat that much meat. I’m trying to get myself to not be lazy at school and still eat well like i did before 😉 since i know i feel best that way! and i already feel better after a week & a half. and evennntuallly (like a few months hopefully!) drop a few pesky pounds that crept on!


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