Weekly Workouts and Updates to Kick Off 2016

Happy New Year to one and all! It’s the first Monday of 2016, and I’m kicking off the year on the blog with my usual weekly workouts and updates. I’m making these posts a priority because I’m running the New York City Marathon in November and plan to document my training journey here. I won’t start officially training until late March or early April, but I’ve got three half marathons on the calendar between now and then. Starting with the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on January 9th (and the 10K the prior day), just a few days away.


Ridgefield Connecticut



For much of last year, I ran an average of 4 days and 25 miles per week. I pushed it further some months, and backed off during others, but never too far from those numbers. My focus for the first few months of 2016 is to increase to a pretty steady 5 days and 30 miles of running per week, building a solid base from which to begin marathon training in the spring. This week was lighter because I’m sort of tapering for the Disney races, but after that the plan is in place.


Monday: Rest day, a few long walks

Tuesday: 6 miles at 10:48/mile pace (I honestly thought it would be slower, it was after the New England ice/slush storm and I was mincing my way down the street)

Wednesday: Rest day, more long walks

Thursday: 6 miles at 9:49/mile pace

Friday: 6 miles at 10:25/mile pace

Saturday: Walking around NYC all day

Sunday: 8 miles at 9:46/mile pace (“goal pace” for my half marathon)



While I was in Connecticut, I took a lot of long walks with Sasha, who as a Labrador is happy in the colder temperatures, and made sure to spend extra time on foam rolling and stretching. And playing snow soccer with my favorite pup. It was a good week of workouts to kick off the year.



Footprints in snow

Sasha playing snow soccer



Aside from all that, I whiled away the first weekend in January catching up with some good friends back in the city after getting some quality R&R in Connecticut over the holidays. On Saturday, we had brunch at Sarabeth’s. My garden vegetable omelet with white Cheddar, mushrooms, spring peas and zucchini was delicious, and the company wasn’t half bad.



Sarabeth's cheddar and vegetable garden omelet




We spent the remainder of Saturday walking around the city enjoying the still-slightly-warmer-than-usual weather and soaking up the winter sun in Central Park. Sunday morning I was up far earlier than I needed to be, awake before the sun. So after a very early breakfast, although I was sleepy, I made the most of it and was right back in one of my favorite places in New York City to greet the morning on my run.




Central Park gazebo






How did you ring in the new year?


Any special workout goals for 2016?


Exciting weekend or relaxation before a return to work?









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17 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates to Kick Off 2016

  1. Wow, your running calendar is impressive. You have quite a few races on the horizon.
    I will finally run a half marathon this year – it’s been on my list since 2014, but then morning sickness hit me 3 weeks before the race. Ugh – but of course there is worse… 🙂


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