Blogger Secret Santa

This Thursday, I’m thinking out loud about the awesome blogging community I’ve discovered since I began Renaissance Runner Girl a year ago. I’ve discussed this before, but this week brings some special attention because the amazing Bloggers Gonna Blog community started by Georgie and Christina organized a blogger Secret Santa exchange, and I’m here to share both what I gave to my buddy and what I received from my Santa.



Christmas card



My giving Secret Santa was Les from The Balanced Berry. When I received her name, I immediately clicked over to her blog, since I hadn’t stumbled across it before. I’m so happy I was assigned her name, because it is an awesome resource for healthy living tips and recipes and now it is permanently on my radar. My decision of what to give Les was pretty easy. She has lots of smoothie recipes, and I think one of the best ways to brighten up any smoothie in winter is to put it in a cheerful holiday mug. So I found a cute blue one with a penguin, tall enough to hold a smoothie or a mug of cocoa, tea, or coffee. As a bonus, it was already safely boxed up, ensuring it would survive the journey across America to Washington State without being solely at the mercy of my packaging skills 🙂






About a week after I mailed off the mug, I received a gift from my Secret Santa, Jess from Hello to Fit. I wasn’t quite sure what the package was when I first saw it, but once I opened it I understood completely. It was the perfect care package for a runner on the go who needed some handy kitchen equipment to keep up with a hectic schedule! A pink running headband, a tall stainless steel water bottle, and a bottle especially for homemade salad dressing. 



Blogger secret santa



Pink is my favorite color, and the headband is incredibly soft, perfect for morning runs when it’s too warm for a winter beanie but I’d like my ears covered. The water bottle was actually something I meant to buy for myself, and now I don’t have to (I keep mine at work and wanted one for home). And I’d never have bought the salad dressing bottle myself, but I will definitely make great use of it.



Salad dressing bottle



I’m glad I was part of this awesome blogger Secret Santa exchange, and I hope my fellow bloggers enjoyed it just as much. I’m excited to continue being a member of a community of amazing girls, and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store, with blogging and more.






Do you and your friends do Secret Santa exchanges?


What’s your favorite part about the blogging community?


If you participated in the BGB exchange, what was the highlight?






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10 thoughts on “Blogger Secret Santa

  1. I miss doing Secret Santa! My workplace does it each year for the full-time employees, but I’m part-time, so no such luck. This year, my gfs and I are doing a cookie exchange. If it takes off we might be able to add in the Secret Santa part in the future. Who knows?


  2. That’s so cute! I love Jess! That’s such a cute and perfect gift! ❤ I haven't heard of that blogging community, but I've kinda been looking for another one to join! :]!


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