Ted Corbitt 15K 2015 Race Recap

It’s still hard for me to believe that I’ve been blogging for a year already, but the idea hit home again this weekend when I ran the Ted Corbitt 15K. I ran the same race last year, and it was my first ever blog race recap! Now it’s time for round two with my Ted Corbitt 15K 2015 race recap, and the biggest thing I have to say is what a difference a year can make.



Ted Corbitt 15K 2015



First things first, the weather. Last year I ran in a long sleeved tech tee, a fleece, leggings, a hat, and gloves. And my hands still felt frozen afterwards. This year as I prepped my race bib on Friday evening, my debate was between a tank top and a short sleeved tee. I went with a short sleeved tee even though I don’t have one tagged. And global warming or whatever is causing this weather got the upper hand on me. I woke up, drank some lemon water, foam rolled, ate two banana muffins with some peanut butter, and was out the door on Saturday morning by 7:45am. It’s about a two mile jog from my apartment to the race start in Central Park at 102nd Street, and less than half a mile in I was feeling quite warm. When I got to the November Project pre-race photo I saw that a lot of people had gone the sleeveless route, but it was too late to do anything about it by then. 



Ted Corbitt 15K 2015



The race began at 8:30am, and even starting in Corral G I crossed the start line only a minute afterwards. Speaking of corrals, I thought I had the new system figured out when I ran the Race to Deliver 4M last month, but I really didn’t. I was surprised when I picked up my bib and had been placed in Corral G after PR’ing in that race with an 8:40/mile pace. It turns out a 10K-adjusted pace of 8:55 is the new Corral G, and now the letters go all the way up to L! It also seemed like the corrals got bigger the further back you went. Anyway, as always, there was a fair bit of weaving in and out for the first mile. Afterwards it got better and I settled into the pace I kept at for most of the race, roughly 9:45/mile.



Ted Corbitt 15K 2015



The race course was two loops of Central Park, once around the “middle loop” and once from the top of the middle loop to the bottom of the park and back. Last year I saw the fastest runners finish as I came around the top, but even being a little faster meant I missed that this time around. I have my minimal interval training and simply running on a regular schedule to thank for shaving those 10 or 20 seconds per mile off my times on longer runs. I was very comfortable running at the pace I did throughout this race, and even more importantly for me, I was able to take the hills in stride, which is essential for any Central Park race considering how Park Drive is pretty much a constant up and down.



Ted Corbitt 15K 2015



Just before Mile 3 and again right before Mile 8, I took very short walk breaks of about 1/10th of a mile on the way up Cat Hill. The first time around I wanted to start listening to music after running to my own beat for the start. I could definitely have run longer without it but despite the warm weather, several nearby runners seemed to have early winter colds and I was kind of grossed out hearing their coughs. The second time I needed to give my legs a bit of a break – I forgot to put on BodyGlide in the morning but I was sweating a lot, and at the 10K mark my thighs began to chafe a little, something that continued to bother me for the last third of the race. I realized why afterwards as I felt the salt all over my skin from such unseasonable sunshine!



Ted Corbitt 15K 2015 Pace Chart



I crossed the finish line with an official time of 1:32:08 and pace of 9:54/mile, nearly 20 seconds faster per mile than the same race in 2014! And actually, that time was for more than a 15K. I just bought my first running watch, a Garmin ForeRunner 15, and this was the first race I wore it in. I paused it during the two short walk breaks I took, and didn’t turn it on until a few minutes after the start, so the NYRR time is for 9.6 or 9.7 miles. My accurate time for 9.3 miles was 1:30:27 with an average pace of 9:44/mile. 



Ted Corbitt 15K 2015



I was very happy with this race, my last for 2015. I ran a total of 11.4 miles including my warmup jog to the start, and I hadn’t run that long since my rather uncomfortable Pamby Half Marathon more than two months ago. I’ve gotten a little faster and stronger this year, as even though training for anything has been sporadic at best, I’ve raced more than I ever planned to and I think that by itself moves you along somewhat. I’m excited for the races I have coming in the new year, including two half marathons in January, my third NYC Half Marathon in March (I got in through the lottery again this week), and of course my first marathon next November. Lots to be proud of for this year, and lots to look forward to in the next.







Have you had wacky running weather where you live?


Do you enjoy racing distances in between 10ks and half marathons?


What was your last race for 2015?








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14 thoughts on “Ted Corbitt 15K 2015 Race Recap

  1. I think 15k is a great distance. I always enjoyed it when I ran it to prepare for a half marathon.
    Here in Germany, the weather has been pretty cold although it is sunny most of the time. Luckily, we haven’t had any ice or snow lately…


  2. At this point in time, I think I’d be lucky to finish a 5k, hehehe. Great job, on this race and this whole entire year in general! :] Can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

    I was trying to escape east coast winters and am currently in Arizona for a rotation right now. It snowed today. WHAT IS THIS!?


  3. Congrats on a great race! What a difference a year makes! I’ve never raced a 15k. Just a handful of 10 milers. Yeah the weather has been crazy mild this season so far. I hope we don’t pay for it in January! Thanks for linking up!


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