WIAW #32

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you saw my little dessert for breakfast morning on Friday. Well, that actually happened the day before, too…and the day after. My Grain Free Pumpkin Poufflé is just so tasty and easy to slice up for a short and sweet meal if I want to have the luxury of eating at home before I head to work. Of course, as I mentioned, that little luxury was sort of accidental on Friday, but I’ll take what I can get. Now, on to the rest of this WIAW!


Pumpkin Pouffle Slice



Once I got to work, I needed something more to keep me going for the morning. I opted for some rice cakes smeared with peanut butter and an apple, as usual. I love my Pink Lady, Braeburn, and Jazz apples. Honeycrisps are fine too (this article about other great varieties was a good read!) but I don’t feel the same love for them that many seem to. Then again, while I’ll not complaining about the free Gala apples at work, I do get tired of them, so I was happy to have this tasty new variety to try that I picked up at a market over the weekend. It’s a Rosalynn apple and it was delicious.


Peanut Butter Rice Cake

Rosalyn Apple



Lunch was a slice of Turkey Kale Frittata and a baked sweet potato. The photo below is from when I had the same dish for dinner a few nights before, but you get the picture (and I forgot to snap one at work!)


Turkey Kale Frittata and sweet potato



I had a few snacks throughout the afternoon, including a few squares of Pumpkin Apple Spice Loaf with peanut butter (still feeling that combination even after last’s weeks peanut butter bonanza!), two plums, an apple, and some baby carrots. I actually tried making a grain free high protein version of the loaf while I was experimenting with making it in a brownie pan instead of a loaf pan, and it turned out really well – more like a dense, moist bar than a slice of bread, and absolutely fantastic. If you want to give it a try, just use my recipe but substitute equal parts quinoa flour and cassava flour in place of the all purpose gluten free flour!



Pumpkin Apple Spice Loaf Squares


Apples and plum



For dinner, I dug into a heaping bowl of spaghetti squash casserole after the usual salad. You just roast a spaghetti squash and mix it up in a dish with marinara sauce, goat cheese, grilled chicken, basil, and your veggies of choice, and bake the whole thing for half an hour. I’ve been eating it a lot lately with varying veggies, because by using goat cheese it makes for a totally grain and cow’s dairy free dinner, perfect while I try to keep both of those things to a minimum.



Salad with Annie's dressing

Spaghetti Squash Casserole



And dinner was followed by dessert, the remainder of a pint of So Delicious coconut milk ice cream with some extra dark chocolate chips and another slice of pumpkin goodness on top.



So Delicious ice cream and pumpkin pouffle






Are you a fan of dessert for breakfast?


Do you like to experiment with your own recipes to create yummy variations?


What’s the best thing you ate today?







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9 thoughts on “WIAW #32

  1. That spaghetti squash casserole looks yummy! I really like the idea of using goat cheese – nice way to add a litte something to the flavor AND reduce the dairy.
    I’m not really a fan of dessert for breakfast, but as a special treat, I love to have espresso with a pain au chocolate as a late second breakfast. Oh those French pastries…


  2. I usually always have to experiment because I never have the exact ingredients for a recipe. I sort of take the flavor inspirations and then go with it. Dessert for breakfast is GREAT! I don’t do things like cake, but I make breakfast brownies all the time that should be dessert, but I eat them whenever 🙂


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