WIAW #30

When I went to type in the title of this post, I was taken aback. The fact that I’ve been doing What I Ate Wednesday, or WIAW, for 30 weeks is just crazy – not to mention the fact that my one year blogiversary is fast approaching! More on that when the time comes, but for now, for everyone who’s enjoyed following the eats of a gluten free, tree nut free, orange and pineapple and avocado free, and still discovering the best way to eat for herself runner – on to a day of eats! Like my first week at work, I started with breakfast when I arrived at my office around 8:30am, a bowl of berries and a slice of smoked salmon quiche that I packed myself.


Bowl of berries

Smoked Salmon Quinoa Quiche



I had an apple for a snack at 11am. Some things never change. I brought this Jazz apple to work, but I’ve started eating the ones they have in the snack lounge – usually Gala. Which are fine. It’s nice that they’re there, so might as well take advantage! The Red Delicious I can’t get into….


Jazz Apple



Lunch at 12:30 was grilled chicken and grilled vegetables, left over from the prior day’s training lunch and stored in the office fridge. I was grateful to the caterer for having made me a special meal, but I actually have discovered I can’t eat peppers, so those all had to be discarded. I hate wasting food, but I also feel uncomfortable continuing to add more restrictions to the list for when they give us meals – usually it’s Mexican or Middle Eastern for everyone, and I get a grilled chicken salad since it’s simple and hard to mess up for me. I ended up having a chat with the caterer later in the week though and letting him know that from now on, a plain old grilled chicken salad will be the way to go as my department has a weekly lunch and I’ll need the accomodation. Saving even more money since I don’t need to bring my lunch on that day!


Grilled chicken and vegetables



Around 3pm, I had a snack of peanut butter and rice cakes from the stash I keep in my office, along with another apple.


apple and peanut butter rice cake


Dinner was a plate of halibut, a baked sweet potato, and broccoli rabe. The plate pictured is from a similar meal at my house in Connecticut, but my dad happened to come into the city over the weekend and brought me a bunch of my favorites that he cooked at home, so when I got home from work I just heated this up in my apartment 🙂


Halibut, sweet potato and broccoli rabe



For dessert, some So Delicious coconut milk cookie dough ice cream. Such good stuff! It was on sale at a local shop, so I got a few containers of this flavor and the Oregon Mixed Berry.


Gluten Free Cookie Dough Sundae




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What’s the best thing you ate today?






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14 thoughts on “WIAW #30

  1. That salmon quiche looks delicious! Need to try this…
    So far today, I only had breadfast – a Bircher Muesli. But I am looking forward to dinner, because my husband is set on making homemade pizza. 🙂


  2. I always hate being the girl with the complicated order, but I’ve learned not to be apologetic about it because I’m allowed to do what’s best for me. So more power to ya!

    Last night I made Meatloaf using almonds and pine nuts instead of the breadcrumbs along with mashed sweet potatoes and crispy green beans! I’m definitely doing it again.


    • They’re the Lundberg Rice Thin Stackers – I really like the Red Rice and Quinoa cakes! I am not supposed to eat a lot of white rice right now so they are awesome. They taste good in their own right – even though I usually just use them as a PB&J vehicle.


  3. Oh my gosh!! Girl!! Can I just say that I LOVE all your eats?!! Seriously, I think we have the same taste buds!! Hehe! That smoked salmon tart looks AMAZING!! Is that quinoa on the bottom!? Genius. Also, jazz apple are bae! …and oh my word, that coconut milk g.free cookie dough ice cream?! SO good right!? YUM!!


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