Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. 10/25/15

Happy Sunday, lovelies! I’m off to run the Poland Springs 5M Marathon Kickoff in Central Park this morning on my way to crossing off #7 of the 9 races I need to qualify for the New York City Marathon next year. As most of you know, I like to use my running time as my thinking time, and these are just a few of the things I’ve been pondering as I run…or read, or bake, or walk to work. Enjoy the links in this round of Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. (Look at August, early and late September to see what caught my eye then…)



Obviously loving all things autumnal!

Obviously loving all things autumnal, as seen on Instagram






  • Money Saving Tips For Runners: Obviously, I’m always on the lookout for tips like these. Running is supposed to be free, right? And then you have race fees. And new shoes. And if you’re like me and all your clothes that aren’t for work are for working out, you have drawers full of neon spandex that cost some money…
  • Quick Strength Training For Runners: I love that most of these are possible to do on your own, in your apartment, when you only have 5-10 minutes after a run before you need to shower and get to work.
  • L. L. Bean PowerSwift running capris: Perfect as the morning temperatures dropped into the 30s (and even 20s once!) in the past week. 45 or above, I’m all about shorts, but it’s getting to that transitional time of year. I haven’t tried my hat with the built in light yet, but I’m thinking this is the week.



LL Bean running gear





  • Marinara and Kale Stuffed Spaghetti Squash Bowls: I cannot wait to try making these after my recent conquering of all spaghetti-squash-slicing fears and obsession with spaghetti-fying my meals. Plus, squash and sweet potatoes are such comforting starches in this time of cutting back on other grains for me. And then, Sarah’s photos always look so scrumptious, you just KNOW the dinner will be mouthwateringly delicious.
  • Paleo Skillet Breakfast Pizza: At the top of my list as a make ahead meal for work. Just waiting for my first bag of cassava flour to arrive…
  • Pumpkin Apple Spice Loaf: Still loving on this bread, packing a protein and fiber punch along with the autumnal flavor explosion, sweet and savory crust, and dense delicious texture. I just whipped up my third loaf in as many weeks. Not only is it gluten free, it is SO easily adaptable to be dairy and/or grain free with my new restrictions.



A deliciously gluten free Pumpkin Apple Spice Loaf for the autumn.





  • Little Miss (Sugarland): Maybe it’s because I re-watched all four seasons of Hart of Dixie throughout the course of the summer, but I am really into this song lately. It’s not too crazy upbeat, but it is uplifting, and has an awesome twang that makes it perfect for both mornings, when I want the happier music to get ready to, and evenings when I’m winding down.
  • Shut Up And Dance (Walk The Moon): Soundtrack to many car rides in California and Nashville this summer, and still blasting all around NYC, making me smile – and dance.




  • Nashville: I’m all caught up on the newest season, and it’s still so addicting. Soapy, with awesome music and lots of man candy. Nothing more to add.
  • If you only have time for one watch this week, this little video is it. Hilarious, but my wardrobe is also either work clothes, or workout clothes, and that’s all, so…





  • When Expats Crave Bagels and Peeps: A fun column about the lengths to which expats will go to enjoy their favorite American foods. This stuff always intrigues me because of my time at Oxford. I used to bring jars of peanut butter with me – for all the things that have gone global, PB&J is not one of them!
  • This Column Is Gluten Free: A more serious column from the New York Times on how people are weary of the “gluten-free fad.” On the one hand, I get it – I’m annoyed by people who claim to be gluten free and then eat regular cookies when they look good, because they make the rest of the world take real allergies, intolerances, and Celiacs less seriously. On the other, that smaller, more serious group of us exists, and we don’t like it when others don’t treat our health concerns as valid. I’ve been having a lot of stomach issues lately, and had to do an elimination of other foods (grains, dairy) to figure out the culprit, which is tough enough without having to explain to new co-workers why no, I can’t eat a gluten free cookie that’s made with rice flour or is grain free but is sitting on top of a regular cookie. 



I stick to my own snacks, like my Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin Bites

I stick to my own snacks, like my Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin Bites






What are you reading, watching, or listening to lately?








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4 thoughts on “Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. 10/25/15

  1. Listening, Downtown by Macklemore and Renegades
    Watching, Quantico and reruns of Intervention
    Eating homemade rice bowls
    Thanks for sharing


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