Fall Foliage and Pumpkin Picking

Happy Monday! Today marks the beginning of the end…of my endless summer of traveling, running, baking, eating, blogging, and general do-what-I-want days and merriment. This time next week, I will be starting my new “big girl” job at a law firm in New York City. But I’m making the most of this time, and I spent the weekend baking autumn goodies, admiring the fall foliage and pumpkin picking at one of the local pumpkin patches in my Connecticut town


Pumpkin patch in Ridgefield, Connecticut



I’ve been taking it easy with running since the Pamby Half Marathon last Sunday, and this week I just did a few easy 5-6 mile runs with some walk breaks so I didn’t jog my stomach. I’m feeling better now, so hopefully I’ll be back in form soon. Anyway, I had lots of time for leisurely walks and taking in the beautiful Connecticut fall foliage, which is how I spent Saturday morning. I took a long walk into the center of town and back, which is 5-6 miles round trip. Of course it takes longer walking than running, but with this scenery, who couldn’t enjoy it?


Fall foliage in Ridgefield, Connecticut

Fall foliage in Ridgefield, Connecticut

Fall foliage in Ridgefield, Connecticut



Ridgefield is very festive and celebrates all the holidays in style, from season to season. There’s the big Memorial Day parade and summer festival, there’s the Thanksgiving parade and Holiday Stroll, and in between is Halloween. Which apparently means something new this year, “Pumpktoberfest” – I’ll be checking that out next weekend before heading back to NYC to start work. In the meantime, pumpkins are everywhere. I stopped at the pumpkin patch on my walk to look around.


Ridgefield Pumpkin Patch

Ridgefield Pumpkin Patch

Ridgefield Pumpktober Fest



Earlier in the week, I had visited the pumpkin patch to select a few pumpkins for our front porch. Not only do they have pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, they have baskets of baby gourds and other fun stuff for decoration. Now our porch is decorated in style, as are others around town!



Ridgefield Pumpkin Patch


Ridgefield Pumpkin Patch



On Sunday, I went for a walk in the woods with Sasha. This is the process of getting a photo with her. Step 1, first attempt and she acts all cutely crazy. Step 2, chase her down. Step 3, success!



Dog walk in the woods Dog walk in the woods Dog walk in the woods



The remainder of the weekend, I got outside as much as I could, in between multiple Skype sessions with far-flung friends to catch up before I get crazy with work, and of course, some puttering around on the blog, as I’ve also been trying to do as much as I can in terms of updating old recipes from way back when I started blogging last winter and wasn’t so good with the food photography 🙂 Dogs, food…it all takes some skill. Speaking of which, you can check out a few blast-from-the-recent-past recipes that I’ve recently updated that are perfect for autumn, like these Caramel Apple Cinnamuffins for the family or a Cinnamon Tea Cake just for you. With all the pumpkin love lately, apples and cinnamon must have their due!


Caramel Apple Cinnamuffins


A gluten free Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Tea Cake, perfect with a cuppa of your favorite.



I also tried whipping up a batch of my Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and making half double chocolate by tossing some cocoa powder in the batter. They came out pretty good in terms of taste, although I left them on broil for a minute too long…


Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies - Mixed



And, completing the autumnal produce cooking endeavors, I roasted my first spaghetti squash for Sunday dinner. I love the stuff, but I’ve never tried to make it on my own without someone else to help slice (knives and I are still in the introductory stage). I added some tomato basil marinara sauce, feta cheese, and leftover shrimp and scallops, and it made for quite a tasty dinner. A few of the cookies served as dessert for an evening that let gourds star at the table.



Scallops and spaghetti squash




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What were you up to this weekend?


Do you like to pick out pumpkins and decorate them for the holidays?


Which is your favorite fall fruit, apples or pumpkin or squash (or all three)?








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11 thoughts on “Fall Foliage and Pumpkin Picking

  1. Enjoy your last week of freedom!

    Looks like you had a great weekend. The fall colors have been getting lovely around here too, but this weekend it was really warm (yesterday it got up to 80!) so it didn’t really have the full autumnal effect. Hopefully after this, cooler temps are here to stay.


  2. I was just thinking how it is not very fall like yet here in Memphis. There are still butterflies and dragonflies and the trees are not changing. It makes it really hard to decorate because the heat rots the pumpkins etc too fast. It is actually fall break, and my son and I are going to try to find some fall festivals to go to.


  3. I had no idea Ridgefield had a pumpkin festival! How fun!! I went apple/pumpkin picking on Saturday which was gorgeous! And I am an apple lover through and through, although I am eating spaghetti squash for lunch today 🙂


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