WIAW #26 + Tuna Salad Melt Recipe

This Wednesday, my diary of daily eats consists of baked goodies, warming meals, and, well, more baked goodies. The grey, rainy, cool end of last week put me in the mood to do some baking experimentation. Now it’s warmed up again a little, making it a glorious autumn outside that just begs for seasonal sweets. Perfecting my recipe for gluten free pumpkin muffins? Check. Using up the rest of the pumpkin on some awesome pumpkin banana chocolate chip bread? Of course. Making even more muffins because I wanted to test out the batter in a blender? Oh, my goodness, the berryliciousness of it all. And there’s more coming your way on Friday with my pumpkin peanut butter cookies…


Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins




In all seriousness, breakfast on Monday was a boatload of baked sweet goodness. The original plan after a 2-mile morning walk with Sasha was to pair a slice of toasted pumpkin banana bread with a Greek yogurt and some coffee, and I followed it to the letter. Except afterwards I had a pumpkin muffin. I know that baked carbohydrates make my blood sugar spike, especially the day after a long run, but my stomach was still a little fragile and they tend to be OK for me to eat when that’s happening. They did the trick, because my stomach started to feel better and I got even hungrier. I thought some fruit might fill me up, but no – I chased my apple with a blended berry muffin. What can I say? Post race day runger is real, especially when your stomach has decided to cooperate after 24 hours!



greek yogurt with blackberries

Gluten free pumpkin muffin

Jazz Apple

Blended Berry Muffins



Later in the day, there was the oh so simple tuna salad I threw together for lunch. Just 4 ingredients and diner-worthy, but so heartwarming when it’s the topper to a slice of toasted gluten free bread with melted American cheese. A glorious gluten free tuna melt, open faced and ready to dig into in less than 5 minutes. I threw in the tuna salad melt recipe below in case you feel like trying it yourself 🙂



Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad Melt


[yumprint-recipe id=’41’] 


A bowl of strawberries (probably some of the last fresh strawberries for awhile, they’re starting to get more expensive again…) to follow the tuna salad melt completed the meal.


giant strawberries




Between the bounty of baked goods for breakfast and the light lunch, I was all set until around 3pm. It was snack time, and snack time turned into apple and muffin time round two. I may turn into a apple and/or pumpkin soon.


gluten free pumpkin muffin



Finally, dinner rolled around and I had what people in polite society call real food, otherwise known as actual different food groups together on one plate at one time, instead of grazing around all day long. A salad to start, with a main course of grilled scallops, baby potatoes and asparagus. The salad had pumpkin goat cheese and pumpkin seeds, though, so I didn’t go totally off the sweet pumpkin rails.



pumpkin goat cheese salad

grilled scallops, potatoes and asparagus




For dessert in the evening, a cup of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and a handful of dark chocolate covered berries, because they just make dessert complete.


Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles

Dark chocolate covered berries







Do you tend to eat lots of treats in the days (or hours, or minutes) right after baking them?


Are you hungrier the afternoon following a race, or the next day?








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16 thoughts on “WIAW #26 + Tuna Salad Melt Recipe

  1. Ooh chocolate berries? Yum!
    My post-race eats vary. Sometimes the day of i’m not hungry but the next day I’m starving! who knows why.
    I graze a lot, too, but don’t always eat the treats I bake right away. Sometimes they lose their appeal because I made them!


  2. Great eats! I love tuna salad, so I’ll have to try out your recipe. Love the idea of adding celery. Sounds yummy! I get full really quickly when I eat, but I’m always hungry, so I have to keep small snacks around at all times or it’s really hard to get in enough calories. I wish I could just eat big meals, but it doesn’t work for me!


  3. Hey lady! This is my first time here, but I must say I love your blog! ALSO I love chocolate covered anything, christmas is my favorite time of year because of all the sweets and goodies! YUM I have way to many sweet teeth 😉


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