Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. 9/20/15

Welcome to a late September edition of Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. It’s pretty much a Link Love to gather up everything that’s caught my eye since the first and second rounds back in August, featuring everything from running tips to recipes and movies to music. Read on, and you might get hooked on one of these too!


Life lately, or 'Goodbye to the Getty'

Life lately, or ‘Goodbye to the Getty




  • 5 Ways To Become A Faster Runner: Discovering November Project definitely helped me find more of a social life centered around running (although I haven’t been in months since I came home to study for the bar and started traveling, so I’m a wee bit nervous to show up again in October!) But I never intended for it to make me faster, and thus far, I’ve tended to run with people around my speed or a bit slower instead of trying to keep up. Now that I’m thinking about my first marathon next year, I know it could be really helpful to start.
  • Marathon Training Long Run Tips: I just discovered Laura’s blog last month and I’ve been enjoying following along as she journeys to her first marathon. Good things to keep in mind for next year, particularly with respect to fueling and pacing strategies. 


Disneyland half marathon

At the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 6





  • Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Banana Bread: Amanda has done it again, posting a recipe I can’t wait to try just from seeing the first photo! It’s still a little early for me to be getting into pumpkin and banana flavors – after all, autumn technically doesn’t begin until this week – but you can be certain this bread is at the top of my must make list for the season.
  • No Bake Apple Pie Protein Bars: These look like an amazing option for a make ahead breakfast or snack, especially since I always want “dessert-y” sweet breakfasts or right after breakfast. I also agree 100% with Arman’s little story that comes with the recipe, these would definitely not be my actual dessert, ever. Just dessert when I want it at 8am instead of 8pm.
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Bars: I made these for my dad’s birthday this week, and they are decadent and delicious. Give them a try and let me know what you think!
  • Cheerios: One of my childhood favorite cereals, five varieties of Cheerios are now gluten-free! Even though Cheerios are made of oats, they used to use regular oats which carry a risk of cross contamination. Now, all the oats are certified gluten free and I couldn’t be happier to have my ‘O-sies’ to stir into my yogurt or snack on.





  • Wild At Heart (Gloriana): Still clinging to summer with fun country tunes like this one 🙂
  • We Did It When We Were Young (The Gaslight Anthem): No idea why this melancholy tune has captured my ear recently, but it’s been on my current shuffling playlist alongside more upbeat tunes more appropriate for this time of freedom.
  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah: I cannot get this out of my head, since my recent trip to Disneyland. For some people it’s the Small World song, for me it’s Brer Rabbit.




  • Tomorrowland: I finally saw this on the plane to Los Angeles, thinking it would get me in the mood for Disneyland. It was interesting – I had no idea what the premise was beforehand, and I can see why the plot would be confusing to follow, but I enjoyed the overall message. It was also cool to see Britt Robertson in a different leading role so soon after watching The Longest Ride and loving it on the plane back from London. And of course, George Clooney. Enough said.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: I had never seen this Disney classic, so my friend Ashley and I decided to remedy that while I was staying with her in San Diego. The combination of live action and cartoon cinematography was amazing, especially considering it’s been a couple of decades since the movie was made.


The place that inspired Tomorrowland

The place that inspired Tomorrowland




  • New Rules for Entertaining At Dinner: Rules for dinner parties for my own millennial generation. I particularly like the admonition to put the phones away – now that I’m a blogger I’ll whip mine out to snap one quick photo and re-pocket it, but some of my friends can’t seem to leave their phones alone for more than a few minutes. Nothing THAT exciting is happening elsewhere, trust me. And you can’t be fully present if you’re always checking on what’s going on outside.
  • Your Family or Your Job: A really good commentary on the reasons why women tend fall further behind on career paths because Dad usually takes the lead at home way less than Mom. Although I have no idea what I’ll end up doing when one day I am lucky enough to have a family, some of my closest friends are already starting to get married and have their first children and it’s tough to watch them struggle with these decisions. 
  • Hufflepuff Rules: Musings on why we shouldn’t hate on Hufflepuff. I’ve always thought that, actually – kindness and friendship are SO important. A great read to end the list.





What’s piqued your interest lately?


Any good books or movies you’d recommend I read or watch during my last few weeks before my job starts?





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  1. Thanks! I hope you make them- I think you’ll enjoy them!

    Currently, I’m loving the business drive- Christine and I are starting a blog initiative in growing your blog and making income off it the unconventional way to been researching and there has been a tonne of random info out there!


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