Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. 8/30/15

I’m back with the second round of Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read., which is basically a Link Love to gather up everything that’s caught my eye for the past couple of weeks. Go here to see the first round from the beginning of August, and read on to find out what I’ve been enjoying lately!



  • My 10 Tips for Running in London: If you haven’t seen this post yet and you’re a runner itching to run-explore a new city, check it out! I include a photo tour of a long (10-ish mile) running route in central London and tips on things you may want to consider when running in a new city, whether in the United States or abroad.
  • 10 Exercises to Prevent Running Injuries: I’ve been doing some of these since I injured my hip flexor last year, like the Hip Flexor Stretch and Piriformis Lift. But the side leg lifts are new to me, and since I began incorporating them into my stretching and strengthening routine during my trip I’ve already noticed a decrease in soreness (and increase when I forget!)
  • Beyond Foam Rolling: Lisa at Running Out Of Wine has some awesome tips on injury prevention techniques that include and go beyond foam rolling. I love all of her injury-related posts, since it’s something I’ve struggled with since starting to run, and learning more about both prevention and recovery is critical.


On the run in London

On the run in London – more adventures here and here!




  • No Bake Cookies n’ Cream Protein Bars: Arman has done it again, with a mouthwatering no-bake bar recipe that looks sweet and perfect for these warm days at the end of August. Also perfect for when I start my job and need treats for when I’m on the go!
  • Zucchini Corn Fritters: I can’t wait to try this recipe from Sarah at Making Thyme For Health. Even if it does mean that autumn is approaching as August winds down…
  • Healthy Breakfasts Guaranteed to Get You Out of Bed: Wanting to make ALL of Amanda’s recipes convinced me to try coconut flour for the first time, and if there’s something that can be considered life-changing in terms of baking, well that’s it for me. Look out for some new recipes when my life settles down after traveling that feature coconut flour as the star of the show, and until then, go make all of these!


A preview of my forthcoming recipe for a peanut butter coconut flour mug cake...

Preview of my forthcoming recipe for a peanut butter coconut flour mug cake…




  • ‘Here Comes The Sun’: One of my favorite Beatles songs, and always on repeat in my mind when I’m thinking of England. ‘Good Day Sunshine’ and ‘Penny Lane’ are also in there because of my recent trip!
  • 10 Workout Playlists: Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers has some rockin’ playlists, I especially like the one for group exercise classes. Taylor Swift, Andy Grammer, and so many other upbeat tunes.


I loved all the colorful townhouses

Not Penny Lane, but a pretty lane in Notting Hill




  • Fawlty Towers: A hilarious British comedy series I was introduced to on my recent trip back to England. While at Oxford, I became a fan of Downton Abbey and the Great British Bake-Off, but somehow this one escaped me. It’s about the owner of a B&B in rural England named Mr. Fawlty, who doesn’t want to let his guests inconvenience him, which is a classic joke about British hospitality. It only went for 2 series of 6 episodes (series, or seasons, are much shorter in the UK) but it’s been voted one of the top British TV shows of all time!
  • The Longest Ride: I watched this movie on the plane back from Heathrow to Newark and really enjoyed it. I’m a fan of The Notebook but haven’t seen much else based on Nicholas Sparks books. I enjoyed how they intertwined the story of two young people falling in love in modern North Carolina with that of a couple generations ago, and I was totally hooked by the art subplot. 


A painting of the Lake District, where our B&B was on the trip

A painting of the Lake District, where our B&B was on the trip




  • What Your Vacation Says About You (Arthur Brooks, NY Times): A fascinating article about the difference between the American and European perspectives on vacation. I read this on the train back from the Lake District to London, and I really wished that we took a more European perspective on time off as necessary to relax and recharge in our culture.
  • Effective Altruism – Where Charity and Rationality Meet (NY Times): Another good read from the paper about how to be sure you’re giving where it will make the most impact when you choose to donate to a charity. I am personally and professionally interested in the nonprofit sector and have learned a lot about “impact investing” over the past couple of years, so this was definitely a good one in my book.
  • 10 Sandwich-Free Lunch Box Ideas: So this is also an ‘eat’ one. But who doesn’t enjoy reading about food and then making it to eat? These are all easily made gluten and nut free. Plus what adult, advanced or young, doesn’t like a throwback to fun lunchbox surprise days to brighten up a working lunch? I especially like the ideas for a spring roll bento box, a “leftover picnic” lunch, or breakfast-for-lunch in a box.





What eats, reads, or tunes have you been enjoying lately?

Any recommendations for movies like The Longest Ride?







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