Five Summery + Gluten Free Costco Finds

I never expected my spring list of five of my favorite gluten free Costco finds to turn out to be one of the most popular thus far. I guess a lot of other gluten free foodies are eager to find fun new foods or stand-by staples! I’ve found a few more myself since that post was published, so I’m sharing five gluten free Costco finds today that have been especially tasty this summer. (I scheduled this post before my trip, so if you’re following along with that know I will be back recapping tomorrow with tips for running in London!)


1. Seaweed salad: I’ve been eating this a lot lately. It’s perfect with grilled fish, sashimi-style fish, or tofu to add a sushi-style side to a meal, and it’s crisp and refreshing in these hot summer months.


Seaweed Salad

Ahi Tuna




2. Quinoa, Kale & Chicken Burgers with Feta Cheese: I still love the Gouda and caramelized onion chicken burgers by Amylu that you’ve seen in several of my WIAW posts (here and here!) But this particular new find is pretty fantastic. The combination of a chicken burger and quinoa burger is not something I’ve seen before, and I am a fan because I typically don’t enjoy strictly vegetarian burgers as much but do like the nice crunch quinoa lends. The feta cheese and kale add a nice kick, and also make for a good insertion of veggies into the burger! 


Chicken and Quinoa Burgers

Chicken & Quinoa Burger




3. Udi’s Whole Grain Bread: Not really summer-specific, but a stomach-saver for me this summer since I really needed non-frozen gluten free bread to make sandwiches for the bar exam. It stayed fresh for nearly a week and was pretty soft for gluten-free bread that isn’t home baked, and it was even better in a grilled sandwich! I froze the rest of the loaf and it held up well.


Gluten free grilled turkey and cheese sandwich



4. Dark Chocolate Super Fruits: These combine dark chocolate with blueberries, cranberries, and cherries. Enough said.


Dark chocolate covered berries

Dark chocolate covered berries



5. Salad Fixings: Okay, so it’s kind of cheating to call these things “one item” and slot them into a Five Things Friday, but I don’t care! Fresh lettuce and greens or salad mixes, crisp cucumbers, crunchy carrots, feta or Parmesan cheeses (or some shaved Manchego or Asiago if you want to get fancy), those rice and vegetable stuffed grape leaves I’m always eating, and portioned proteins like shrimp or chicken to top your bowl. All within easy reach and all perfect to throw together a quick and hearty summer meal, like my Greek-style summer salad.



Greek salad with shrimp




And that’s a wrap on this Five things Friday! I’ll likely be doing more of these in future featuring Costco or other popular grocery stores, because it’s tough enough to find delicious gluten free fixings that even gluten eaters will enjoy 🙂



What are your favorite Costco finds?

Any tips for gluten free shopping?




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5 thoughts on “Five Summery + Gluten Free Costco Finds

  1. I just hopped over from the MMM forum, so hi! I am a huge Costco fan, so I’m familiar with these 5 items, though I am not GF. I’m just curious why you eat seaweed but remove the peels from cucumbers? I buy the Costco 3pk of hothouse cukes, rinse them, slice them and include them in DH’s lunch every day. I never peel them and they are delicious.


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