Easy Cheesy Omelet Quesadilla

Hello, friends! As you read this, I am probably on a train en route from the English Lake District back to London to start the second week of my trip across the pond. When I was thinking about recipes to share while I was away, I realized I had never shared one of my most common go-to egg dishes aside from regular omelets and my gluten free waffle sandwich. My easy cheesy Omelet Quesadilla is so easy to make and delicious to eat, I knew it was perfect to pop in.


Fun fact – when I was a little kid, I was a voracious reader (I decided to read Ivanhoe at age 8 for some unfathomable reason and was so confused by it). However, I started adopting words in my vocabulary that other kids my age weren’t using, and I didn’t know how they sounded out loud, so I would end up saying them phonetically in front of my parents when I used them in conversation. QUES-A-DILL-A was one of those words. Whenever I make this at home, my dad pointedly asks if that’s what I’m whipping up. But anyway…


I often like to combine a good omelet with some sort of carbohydrate to round out my meal, whether it be gluten free waffles, a tortilla wrap, or a couple slices of toast. Most gluten free bread options are best when toasted. Sometimes, when I have a few minutes to spare, I like to take that tortilla and cook it in the omelet pan, then seal it all together for an easy cheesy Omelet Quesadilla. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to warm most gluten free tortillas in a pan anyway before eating them, to soften them up and enhance the taste. This way, the tortilla really becomes part of the dish, and you can slice it up and dip it in whatever you normally put on your eggs like a quesadilla. Perfect for a fun meal at any time of the day!



Omelet Quesadilla

Omelet Quesadilla

Omelet Quesadilla



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What’s your favorite way to get creative with omelets?






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