Weekly Workouts and Updates 8/3-8/10

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s time for my usual recap of weekly workouts and updates. I’ll start with workouts, which I guess are technically training at this point, since the Dumbo Double Dare is under 4 weeks away! 


Weekly Workouts:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 6.7 miles

Wednesday: 5.3 miles

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 6 miles

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: Rest day (planned)


This week was pretty average in terms of running, with a total of 4 running days and 27 miles averaging out to 6.5 miles per run. I had planned to try and run 5 days this week, or at least 3 days back to back to prepare for Dumbo. Then I ended up running much more last week than I expected, and was a little sore by the middle of this one so decided to keep it easy. My first week in England will mostly be spent walking and hiking in the Lake District, and I’ll be back to running the second week – exploring London by foot and running a 10K in Hyde Park with two friends! I wanted to both build up a good mileage base for Dumbo and be used to running multiple days in a row, but since I cut back unexpectedly due to my stitch, and am traveling during what would be the highest intensity training time, I will probably end up taking the half a bit slower than planned. And I’m okay with that. Because it’s supposed to be two days of racing for fun!



Week In Review


I’ve just been relaxing, running, eating, and packing for most of the week. And sleeping. Yay for sleeping without waking up ten times a night with random law facts running through my brain. I’m the kind of person who needs 8-9 solid hours to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day, so sleep deprivation = not a happy camper over here. I’m hoping the jet lag won’t be too horrible this coming week since I arrive Wednesday morning in London and depart for five days of hiking and exploring in the Lake District on Thursday evening! I’ve definitely been fueling up with yummy meals this week in preparation. Like the fluffy blueberry pancakes I whipped up Saturday morning, with scrambled eggs and maple syrup.


Gluten free pancakes and eggs



And the delicious sautéed scallops my family had for dinner on Friday evening, with brown rice and quinoa, garlic, asparagus, and seaweed salad.


Sautéed scallops  

Sautéed scallops



I’ve been eating lots of ice cream for dessert also, but what else is new? Like the strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles I had on Monday. Which, I might add, I ate while indulging in another perk of freedom, the ability to re-watch my favorite movies and discover new ones without any guilty feeling about wasting time. Lots of ice cream is being consumed in front of the silver screen. That evening was The Philadelphia Story. Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Katharine Hepburn. Social satire and screwball comedy. What more could you want in a classic movie? I’ve seen this half a dozen times and still love it.


Strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles




Wednesday was The Best Years of Our Lives. You may have realized by now that my cinematic tastes tend toward the classic, the scenic, and let’s face it, films made before my time. Well, that’s thanks to my dad, who let me stay up until all hours as a kid watching history documentaries and B&W movies with him. No regrets. This popped up on TCM one night this week and I enjoyed it with a helping of caramel ice cream. Times change, people don’t? Watching old movies makes that ring true. Even though it was more than half a century ago, people still had difficulties with things like family, love, and friendship. Although I have to say, eating their ice cream at soda fountains seems better than how we do it now!


Caramel ice cream



And finally, on Friday I did watch something more modern. Toy Story 3, a total tearjerker both when I saw it in the theater originally in 2010 (just after finishing my first year of college!) and this time around. Most animated movies are appreciated by kids or adults, not teenagers. But I never lost my liking for them, and I’ve seen some pretty great ones lately like Inside Out and Big Hero 6 that show just how complex and emotional creative people can make hand-crafted characters. I may also have been a little nostalgic about my own experience of packing for college, because I just pulled out one of the big suitcases again for my upcoming trip and I haven’t used it since my last return flight from Heathrow. Also, packing’s going well…


Packing my suitcase



I’m actually pretty good at packing for trips both short and long after all that travel during my college years, and I consider it a victory when I use every item I’ve packed, hopefully multiple times. This trip is a bit trickier because the weather up in the Lakes is going to be significantly different, and since I’m packing two-thirds workout gear (for hiking there, and for exploring London during the day) I actually can’t throw some shorts or tops in until the last minute because I wear them for running daily! I’m actually scheduling a post for while I’m away with packing tips, so stay tuned for that one 🙂


And now, it’s a wrap on my weekly workouts and updates. I’m about to head out for a nice morning walk with Sasha, and then get ready for brunch with one of my closest friends. I haven’t seen her since Christmas – she lives in Boston now, and hasn’t made it home to Connecticut when I’ve been around for the past few months, so I’m really excited!




What have you been up to this weekend?

Do you prefer old movies or newer ones? Live action or animated?

Are you a packing-list person, or a last minute throw it all in type?





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8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 8/3-8/10

  1. Heres to praying that you don’t experience too bad of jet lag. It can be such a drag on long flights like the one you’ll be taking.

    p.s. what recipe do you use for your fluffy pancakes?


  2. Yay for pancakes! 😀 I’ve been ice creaming a lot for dessert lately too, hehehe.

    Great job on your mileage for the week! :O I shall be [virtually] cheering you on for the Dumbo Double Dare! :]


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