Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read.

I’m kicking off the weekend here at Renaissance Runner Girl with a new kind of post. You’re probably familiar with the weekly or monthly Link Love posts on other blogs, and those are pretty similar to what I’ll be doing here. I find that I always bookmark a bunch of blog posts, newspaper articles, and the like and then never get around to actually reading them at my leisure, or save ten recipes without ever trying the first, so I’m hoping this will be a better way to collect everything. I probably won’t do them every week – then again, I said that when I began doing WIAW posts and look what happened 😉 I’ll be dividing into Run, Eat, Listen, Watch, and Read for now. So here’s what I’ve been reading, munching, and so forth in no particular order!



  • Core Strength for Runners: Pretty much exactly what I need to work on. I think I’m prone to injury not just because of weaker joints on my right side from childhood injuries, but because since I started running although I stretch and do the hip exercises my PT gave me last summer I really don’t focus on proper cross-training the way I should. Core is key! I’m making it a new post-bar goal to devote 20-30 minutes a few days a week to some of these exercises.
  • Pre-Run Glute-Activating Exercises: Would also be extremely helpful for me for the same reasons.
  • How To Foam Roll: I just found this post and it’s extremely helpful in breaking down the basics of foam rolling. I have a medium-intensity roller but never really learned how to use it properly. Foam rolling before/after each run is another running goal of mine.


Yes, pink is my favorite color, and yes, I can't find my Theraband so I'm using a headband.




  • S’mores Protein Pancakes: Gluten-free (but also tree nut-free), s’mores-flavored, protein-packed pancakes? Yes please. I bit the bullet and decided to order a good blender and when it arrives this recipe is first on my to-make list.
  • Microwave English Muffin: I have not had a good English muffin in the years I have been gluten-free, and I used to LOVE Thomas’s classic puffy, doughy, duster English muffins. So props to Arman for making my reunion with an old favorite happen.
  • Peanut Butter Fudge: I just need to find an occasion where I won’t end up eating it all the day I make it!



  • Carousel by Miner: I first heard this song on Hart of Dixie and had to Google until I got the lyrics right. Not sure why it’s been so catchy to me, but it was on a loop in my head while I was studying and it’s a good running song for some reason.
  • Can’t You See by The Marshall Tucker Band: This was on the radio while I was driving (a rare occurrence for me) and got into my head, joining that loop. (I only want to link to songs that have official videos uploaded!)
  • Scarecrow by Alex & Sierra: So catchy!
  • You Belong With Me: Classic T-Swift. One of my all-time favorites of hers. I like some of the songs on 1989 but definitely prefer the earlier albums.




  • The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: Yes, I watch PBS and I love all the Ken Burns documentaries and watched every single episode of The Roosevelts. While the narrative of the founding of our national parks is great, the best part is the scenery. It showcases original footage and the beauty of it is that because the parks were preserved, they still look remarkably similar (in most cases…)
  • John Oliver, “Last Week Tonight” on Food Waste: Watching this I was reminded of reading about Liz’s sugar detox inspired by watching “Fed Up”. This segment was a sobering look at the sheer amount of food wasted in America every day. Part of the reason is our general obsession with only eating perfect-looking produce and with adhering rigidly to arbitrary sell-by dates. A peach that’s a little more oval than round is still a peach – yet they are not considered “perfect” for grocery store shelves and literally acres of peaches in orchards are left to rot on the ground because of it. I knew about this issue, but watching has really inspired me to redouble my efforts not to waste any part of the food that I buy.







  • The Structure of Gratitude: This article in last week’s New York Times was incredibly thought-provoking especially since it was published on one day of the bar exam. It’s about how those who have or expect less tend to be more grateful when happiness and unexpected blessings befall them. For me it was a reminder to be appreciative of what I do have every day, and to not begin to feel entitled when good things come my way, but to work hard instead to keep them and value them.
  • This Is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You: More lighthearted, but I’m a serious-and-silly kind of girl! Mine are Strawberry and (gluten-free) Cookie Dough. Strawberry was half right – I am definitely loyal, energetic, and a morning runner – but I am so not the go out and party at night type. Cookie Dough was more spot on – I am drawn to bright colors and patterns, but I am not overly loud or extroverted. And I love dogs. Especially Sasha.






What’s piqued your interest lately?








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