WIAW #21: Sandwiches to Sashimi



Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday! I know I missed last week – it was actually the first Wednesday I hadn’t posted since March, which is crazy. The fact that I’ve been blogging for almost 8 months and doing WIAW for 5 is unbelievable. You know what else is hard to believe? Last Wednesday I was sitting in Day 2 of the bar exam, and now I am free 🙂 So without further ado, yesterday’s eats await…


Breakfast was a grilled chicken and Manchego omelet stuffed into a gluten free waffle-wich. I like to eat high-low, I guess (fancy cheese, frozen waffles 🙂 ). It was delicious, as was the incredibly juicy peach I paired it with. This was eaten around 10am, right after my morning run.


Gluten free waffle sandwich



Lunch at 1pm was a grilled turkey and Cheddar sandwich made with Udi’s gluten free whole grain bread. My dad picked up a loaf at Costco about two weeks ago, because I needed to make my own sandwiches for lunch for the bar exam. I rarely buy gluten free bread, but this was a pleasant surprise because while the loaf crust certainly felt sturdy, the slices themselves were pretty soft and thick. Eaten fresh within the first few days, it tasted like ‘normal’ bread rather than the usually frozen gluten free varieties. And it worked well for making a pan-grilled sandwich! I paired it with cucumber slices and baby carrots, and had a yogurt with some wild raspberries to follow.


Cucumber and carrots

Gluten free grilled turkey and cheese sandwich

Yogurt with wild raspberries



I had another yogurt around 3pm for an afternoon snack, this time with peanut butter and blueberries. I paired it with a Jazz apple and one of my No Bake Peanut Butter Berry Bars.


Yogurt with blueberries

No Bake Peanut Butter Berry Bars

Jazz Apple



Dinner was a sushi-like combination of cucumber, seaweed salad, and extremely fresh ahi tuna. Usually my dad will throw this on the grill, but he picked up some tuna that was so fresh it was perfect to eat sashimi-style. We made sticky rice in the rice cooker to pair it with, which is unpictured because I ate it in a bowl on the side and forgot to snap a photo before we were seated at the table (I’ve mentioned before, I have to be stealthy about food photos around my family!) Anyway, while I think lightly seared tuna is my favorite, this was definitely a winning meal.



Ahi Tuna



I had a bowl of watermelon afterwards to cleanse my palate. I often have fruit between dinner and dessert (typically ice cream, no matter the season) because I like to end my evening meal with something refreshing, but tend to wait an hour or so before diving in to dessert!





For dessert, a bountiful cup of my beloved Moose Tracks. I just can’t get enough. That makes having a gallon in the freezer a little dangerous, but so be it.


Moose Tracks Ice Cream






What are your favorite eats lately?
Do you eat fish sashimi- or sushi-style dining out or at home?
How long does a gallon of ice cream last for you or your family?







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15 thoughts on “WIAW #21: Sandwiches to Sashimi

    • To each his own 🙂 I think I was spoiled by growing up in New England with parents who are really particular about fish (well, my dad at least). I actually don’t eat tilapia because he would never buy it/cook it, since it is a fish that actually doesn’t exist in the wild. But he also taught me not to buy/cook certain wild fish because they’re only caught in regions where a lot of worker exploitation goes on. Like I said, very particular 🙂 Which means lots of wild salmon, tuna, farmed shrimp and clams but wild scallops and mussels. Yum!


  1. Awesome day of eats. You know the saying “eat the rainbow” you really did! and to finish it off with moose tracks ice cream (swoon).



  2. I cannot buy gallons of ice cream for that exact reason. Pints only haha. I’ve been back on a huge egg kick recently… thinking I need to explore the whole egg/waffle-wich creation you have going on!


    • I think you should…if you’re prepared to be addicted! I used to only buy pints but the cost-effectiveness just got to me. I realized I was usually paying more for a pint than a gallon, and my poor NYC-battered wallet couldn’t handle it!


    • I have tried it actually – a few years back when I didn’t want to take the caloric hit of ice cream (before I started running and was less active). Unfortunately I just can’t get into it, the taste of it is too far away from the real thing for me!


    • Haha I always think sushi and sashimi look really pretty. As a kid I refused to try raw fish, but I came around to it when I realized that if it’s fresh most fish tastes best somewhere in the middle – lightly seared tuna is my fave, still raw inside. Of course one of my closest friends had a parent from Japan who knew how to make really awesome homemade sushi 🙂


  3. Haha, I always have to have ice cream in my freezer. I love it! Year round. For some reason I’m able to keep it in there without worry of eating it all. And I love moose tracks!
    Also love sashimi. YUmmmmm raw fish 🙂 great eats! Thanks for sharing and joining WIAW:)


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