Weekly Workouts and Updates 7/27-8/2

Hello and happy Sunday, everyone! I am a lot cheerier today than I have been in awhile because my ~10 weeks of freedom began last Wednesday night. It’s time for a recap of the week that got me to this lovely point, starting with my weekly workouts and ending with weekend updates.


Summer sky


Weekly Workouts

Monday: 6.3 miles

Tuesday: Bar Exam

Wednesday: Bar Exam

Thursday: 7 miles

Friday: 8 miles

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 6 miles (planned)


Despite the heat and humidity I was grateful for my pre-exam run Monday and post-exam outing Thursday to let the stress literally sweat out of me! I was a little nervous Friday since I got my stitch removed on Thursday afternoon and the site was sore. But I did a good job taking care of the site, and my doctor said as long as I kept a Band-Aid on and wrapped it tightly for runs, it would be fine. The trade-off for running is a small circular scar instead of a thinner straight line, but I have lots of scars anyway. I’m just happy to be running and getting back on track because Dumbo is in just over a month! And as part of my training, one of my college friends who I’ll be staying with in England signed us up to run a 10K in Hyde Park together which should be lots of fun.



Week in Review


I was riding a birthday sugar high Monday and trying not to let nerves get the best of me. I packed up my Ziploc (all you could bring to the test was one gallon-size bag), with my pencils, pens, ID, exam ticket, and food. On Tuesday, I was out the door at 6:25 to get to the Javits Center by 7:30am. It is roughly 4 miles from my apartment, on the Far West Side of NYC which is actually pretty barren for food options (and anything else). So I stuffed a lunch into my baggie – a turkey sandwich on Udi’s bread, a little baggie of baby carrots, three mozzarella/cheddar twist string cheese sticks, and an apple. I ate two of my homemade banana muffins on the way for breakfast.


Bar Exam Lunch

Some of my test day food


I walked through Central Park to Columbus Circle, where I got into a cab to take me the rest of the way. My nice wake-up walk of two miles made me hungry for a real breakfast. During the morning test session I ate all of my cheese sticks and my apple! I finished a little early, promptly downed the rest of my lunch, and wound up buying an overpriced yogurt and another apple at the Starbucks in the center to tide me over. When I got home that night I ate everything out of the fridge 🙂 Including a heaping helping of ice cream…



Moose Tracks for mind, body, and soul recovery

Moose Tracks for mind, body, and soul recovery



On Wednesday, I ate a proper breakfast before leaving, even though eggs at 6:30am feels weird to my stomach. When I finished the last test session Wednesday afternoon I was happy to be done but very tired. The high temperature was 97 degrees in NYC (although the test room was arctic!) So I hopped a Metro North train home to Connecticut that night, where I enjoyed a home-cooked meal courtesy of my dad, cuddled with Sasha, and had a blissful 9+ hours of sleep.



Seared ahi tuna, broccoli rabe, and rice and veggie grape leaves for my post-bar dinner



Weekend Happenings


The rest of the week, I relaxed and tried to unwind and let all the test stress go. I got in some good running, started to plan more of the details of my trip to England, and on Saturday morning I enjoyed a belated birthday brunch with one of my closest friends back in Ridgefield. We ate at Tom-Tom’s Restaurant, a cute cafe on Main Street. I had only eaten there for lunch and dinner before, when the menu is different (really good, with lots of big hearty salads and main dishes that can be made gluten free). So it was good to try out breakfast. I had an omelet with Swiss cheese, spinach and mushrooms, and a side of fruit salad.


Tom Tom's Menu

Tom-Tom’s Menu


Omelet and fruit

Omelet and fruit


Of course, we paid a visit to Deborah Ann’s for dessert afterwards. Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or just a sunny afternoon, it is always an appropriate destination for sweets.


Everything is better with sprinkles

Everything is better with sprinkles



And now, I’m about to head out for another sunny Sunday morning run. Perhaps I’ll pick a few (or a few dozen) wild raspberries along the way for some mid-run fuel again…


Just cant get enough

Just can’t get enough



What were you up to this week?

Tried any new restaurants in your town lately?

Is heat or humidity affecting your workouts?







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13 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 7/27-8/2

  1. Nothing too crazy this past week and definitely nothing as exciting as completing the bar exam! You had an awesome week of running especially with everything else going on! Snuggling with a pup sounds like the perfect way to unwind though : ) Heat usually never bothers me… but humidity alwayssss gets me! Hope you have a fabulous day : )


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