Thinking Out Loud 7/2/15

As I sit here typing this, I honestly cannot believe it’s the first day of JULY. June was a month of studying for me, and this month there’ll be a lot more of that, but it really feels like time is flying by. I always say that, but it’s so true. So today, I’m thinking out loud about what’s to come.


I’m thinking about… how July has always been special because it is my birthday month. On July 26th I will be 24, and while I know that’s really young, it feels SO momentous because I think it’s the age you can’t say you’re in your “early 20s” anymore. You’re just in those 20s now! 


My 21st birthday cake…I had just graduated Oxford and was about to start law school in July 2012



I’m thinking about… the bar exam. Yup, have to be, all the time. I’ve gotten to the point where I wake up in the middle of the nigh to grab a sip of water or use the powder room, and I’m thinking about what constitutes a valid contract. Dangerous territory. Also, flashcards are getting intense. 


Flashcards for 13 subjects nearly a foot high :/

Flashcards for 13 subjects nearly a foot high…



I’m munching on… ice cream. Ice cream will forever have my heart as the perfect summer treat (and anytime treat, but summer especially). I’ve gone to local shops Deborah Ann’s and Ferris Acres for some gluten free cones, and I’ve continued to concoct my own scrumptious sundaes. My Gluten Free Cookie Dough Sundae is a current favorite, as is anything berry flavored. I’ve been getting through a pint in 2 days or a big carton in 4 lately…just can’t get enough frozen sweetness. And apparently July is National Ice Cream Month, so I win, world!


Gluten Free Cookie Dough Sundae




I’m listening to… sunny songs. I’ve always been a mix n’ match girl when it comes to music, putting oldies and new hits from country to pop to rock in the same playlist. Classic Beatles like Here Comes The Sun and Good Day Sunshine keep me feeling summery as I study, along with upbeat newer tunes like The Heart by Needtobreathe. I have been listening to this song ever since I first heard it on the series finale of Hart of Dixie in March. It is so catchy!





I’ve been running… To the beat of summer music (or a bar lecture) and to be able to say all that ice cream is necessary fuel. Sometimes in the city, mostly out in Connecticut, where the suburban roads seem like country trails sometimes. Gorgeous in the sun, making the heat worth it!


Ridgefield, Connecticut




What’s on your mind this Thursday?






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3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 7/2/15

  1. You listen to bar lectures while you run? Oh my goodness LOL.

    I remember feeling the same way when I turned 24. It really felt like a turning point, like I was becoming so much more adult. 22 is still college age, and 23 is a weird in between where you’re not college age but might as well be, but 24 seemed like I had finally actually made it to “twenty something.” Of course, now 24 seems young to me.

    What’s on my mind is getting through this work day so I can finally make it to a 3 day weekend!


    • Unfortunately, I can’t both run as much as I like AND listen to the 4-6 hours per day they want us to do at this point – even listening sped up, no way I can sit still in front of a computer that long 🙂 I reserve weekends for my “freedom runs”!


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