WIAW #17: Summer Salads, Seafood & Sundaes



Rabbit, rabbit. Okay now, welcome to the first WIAW of July! Studying for the bar means less time for kitchen creativity. But I still managed to squeeze in lots of summery eats to say farewell to June yesterday and usher in July, from salads to seafood to a scrumptious sundae. My day began with a pre-run snack, which was relatively small. Just a muffin and some blueberries with half a mug of Green Mountain Blueberry coffee. I was only planning to run 5-6 miles and wanted to get out the door. Usually I’d skip the snack for a morning like this, but for some reason I woke up with my stomach growling and knew it wouldn’t be a good idea.


Muffin and coffee


Once I got home from my run, I had a real breakfast of a Turkey Cheddar Omelet around 10:30am with cucumber slices and a decaf iced coffee. I really wanted to make a gluten-free waffle ‘wich but I was out of frozen waffles, and taking the time to make waffles in the waffle iron is more of a weekend thing for me. Plus, I never eat those in a sandwich, I always top them with berries, syrup, and cream! I also had a couple of peaches (one of my favorite summer fruits) and a yogurt. I found these adorable peaches at the local market that are called ‘donut’ peaches because of their shape. They taste just like a regular peach, but are small and cute – meaning just one is not enough.


Turkey Cheddar Omelet


Turkey Cheddar Omelet


Donut peach



I had a late-ish lunch at 2pm consisting of one of my shrimp salads with feta and grape leaves…I know, how many of these can I share with you guys? Still, it’s a go-to midday meal for me packed with protein and lots of yummy stuff, so there it is. It’s great for summer, since the salad is refreshing and crisp. 


Greek salad with shrimp



Afterwards, for a sweet and savory study snack mix, I had a bowl of Kay’s gluten free pretzels mixed with Skinny Pop popcorn, along with a Jazz apple and a second tall glass of decaf French Vanilla iced coffee. 


Study snacks



Dinner at 6:30pm was another round of seasonal eats on the grill, this time ahi tuna cooked perfectly rare, with just a light searing on each side, along with some seaweed salad and cucumbers to complement the flavors perfectly. I had another salad to start, and some rice and veggie dolmades on the side to make my meal complete. And to finish, a bowl of fresh, sweet, juicy summer watermelon.


Salad with feta

Seared ahi tuna and veggies




For dessert, I indulged in my new gluten free cookie dough sundae. I take a couple of scoops of gluten free cookie dough ice cream and top them with gluten free cinnamon pretzels, rainbow sprinkles, and extra chocolate chips. If I’m feeling extra decadent, I’ll add a little peanut butter. This sundae is perfect for a summer night when the ice cream craving hits and it’s not so hot you’ll feel heavy after eating it.


Gluten Free Cookie Dough Sundae

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Sundae

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Sundae


I had an evening bite of another apple and a handful of blueberries and dark chocolate covered berries around 9pm, since I somehow wound up feeling a little hollow after digesting that sundae! I know better than to go to bed with my stomach feeling at all empty, since I end up waking up in the middle of the night hungry. So I ended the day with a satisfying snack.


Pink Lady Apple



What are your favorite height-of-summer eats? 






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11 thoughts on “WIAW #17: Summer Salads, Seafood & Sundaes

  1. I’m all about the fruit, especially frozen bananas. And those sundaes are absolutely gorgeous! I don’t know how you do it! You need to open up an ice cream shop haha .


    • I also love corn on the cob! And yes, lots of iced coffee in summer – the key is I drink decaf only (always). I cut out caffeine about a year ago because I’ve always struggled with insomnia and it has helped a LOT. Sometimes I will have regular if it is VERY early (before 7am) and I am doing something – like probably before the bar exam – but otherwise I just love the taste of iced coffee so decaf does it šŸ™‚


  2. YUM! I love the stuffed grape leaves! And am super envious of that sundae. Haha. My height of summer food is definitely watermelon and corn on the cob. šŸ™‚


  3. My favorite summer eats are definitely anything BBQ! We live in San Francisco so the weather is rarely hot so when it’s warm enough to be outdoors, there’s nothing better than grilling in the sun!


  4. OMG SEARED TUNA!!! That looks BOMB! I want it, NOW! But I specifically ADORE grilled salmon! Ugh, so amazing. I cannot go a day without salmon, that’s for sure!

    PS: your ice cream creation, I AM MELTING FOR IT!


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