Monthly Recap: June Edition

It’s hard to believe, but another month has come to an end and we are officially halfway through 2015! June hasn’t been as eventful for me as May. I’ve been occupied with things that are rather mundane but are pointing toward much loftier ends come July and beyond. Sandwiched between the month when I graduated law school and the month when I will take the bar exam (and also turn 24, which is just unbelievable because I can’t figure out for the life of me how time has flown so quickly), I’ve been in run-eat-repeat mode for most of the month. But I’ve managed to squeeze in some potentially exciting (and tasty!) stuff nonetheless.


In June, I ran three NYRR races and volunteered for bib duty at one, so I’m at the 6+1 mark along the way to my goal of completing 9 races + 1 volunteer day to obtain guaranteed entry for the New York City Marathon in 2016.


The November Project girls at the NYRR Retro 4-Miler on June 7

The November Project girls at the NYRR Retro 4-Miler


I also cooked up some delicious new gluten free recipes this month. A couple of twists on my oatmeal cakes should serve me well when cooler weather arrives again, especially the Chocolate Chip Brownie and Cookie Dough editions. And I might just decide to brave the oven this summer so I can indulge in a little Peaches n’ Cream! If I’m not feeling it, I can always turn to the trusty (low-impact) toaster for an egg n’ cheese waffle-‘wich


Gluten Free Peaches n' Cream Oatmeal Cake

Peaches n’ cream for summer sweetness


My gluten free Waffle'wich featured on WIAW

My gluten free Waffle’wich featured on WIAW


And of course, I created lots of new ice cream sundaes and other frozen treats inspired by my favorite finds. Not that this is new or exciting, but hey, ice cream makes me a happy camper even in the midst of all this bar studying! It might not be the best running snack, but nothing beats ice cream at the end of a day of runger.


Cherry Vanilla on a Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug

Cherry Vanilla on a Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug


And now, it’s time for June to end and July to begin. I’m both excited and nervous for what lies ahead in July, but if I’ve learned anything thus far, it’s not to put too much stock in what “should” happen, because life is long and full of winding twists and turns. And the rest of the summer is the start of the rest of life.


What were you up to in June? Looking forward to any big life events in July?






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8 thoughts on “Monthly Recap: June Edition

  1. Ice cream always finds a way to cheer me up! The NYRR series sounds so intense, but it looks like a great way to get into the NYC marathon! June really flew by for me more than anything. I had a really fun half, and I’ve been “taking it easy” ever since….I need to get back into training mode in July!


  2. That strawberry heart Sundae… so yummy! I spent most of June running and working! I still wish I was able to spend more time at the beach, but I have more vacations planned for July and August! No big life events in July except starting to train for NYCM, but August will be big since it will be my two year anniversary with my boyfriend. Wowzers haha.


  3. June was a preeeeetty significant month for me, as you probably can tell by my posts recently 😉 I was actually writing in our dry erase calendar for July and I was shocked to see that we actually don’t have much planned, save for one weekend trip to Chicago, and a 10 mile race I’m running at the end of the month. I kinda like it, though – I welcome the opportunity to have a low-key lazy summer month. I’ll start marathon training on the 6th but the first month of training is usually nothing too intense.

    You are getting so close to your NYCM entry! When do you need to have all 9+1 completed by?


  4. I want that waffle-ich! And also the ice cream (I just had froyo; stop it!)!

    That’s awesome that you managed to squeeze in 3 races in June! :O Best of luck to you on your studying! I’m right there with ya!


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