WIAW #16: Introducing My Gluten Free Waffle-wich




Welcome to another WIAW! Let’s dive right into my day of eats. Yesterday ended up being a rest day, so I took a short stroll over to Oren’s Coffee Roasters around 7:30am to grab an iced coffee before making breakfast. I had a Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake and some fresh strawberries to tide me over before heading to an 8am doctor’s appointment near my apartment in NYC, and then hopping on a 10am train home to Connecticut. I squeezed in some studying by flipping through flashcards on the train…all it did was make me realize how hungry I was getting! Even though I didn’t run yesterday, I’ve realized I do need to eat just as frequently on rest days because I am so active overall. I didn’t pack a train snack though, so I had to wait until I got home.


Gluten Free Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake


Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake


Back right at noon, I cooked up one of my new favorite lunches – a Turkey Cheddar Omelet stuffed between two Van’s gluten free waffles for a delicious brunch-style sandwich. While the eggs were cooking and the waffles were toasting, I scarfed down a salad with mozzarella cheese and honey mustard dressing.


Salad with dressing

Turkey Cheddar Egg Waffle Sandwich

Turkey Cheddar Egg Waffle Sandwich



To finish, I had a bowl of Angie’s kettle corn along with the rest of my decaf iced coffee that I made at home. I only drink caffeine really early (as in, before 8:30am) so at home it’s always decaf for me.


Iced coffee and Angie's popcorn



I got hungry again later in the afternoon, and went for a fruity combination. A Yoplait Whips Greek yogurt and a bowl of berries as a complement.


Yoplait Whips Greek Yogurt



For dinner, I tossed together another salad bowl, pretty much the same as in the afternoon but with feta instead of mozzarella. I tend to eat a lot of salads in the summer, whether for a main course with protein or as an appetizer, because I am constantly craving crisp and refreshing veggies (I’m also snacking on baby carrots and cucumber slices a lot!) Then continuing in the summer grilling pattern, I had some seared sockeye salmon with a touch of dill, along with rice and veggie grape leaves and seaweed salad. Similar to my weekend meal – in fact, I love these summery sides so much, you’ll be seeing them alongside all kinds of seafood and other grilled supper mains!


Salad with feta


Grilled sockeye salmon

Grilled sockeye salmon



Dessert: A scoop of Peanut Butter Cup ice cream and a second bowl of Angie’s kettle corn after taking Sasha for a post-dinner stroll around the block. I would say I’m proud of myself for being able to hold back on packing that ice cream in, but it was the end of the carton, so…


Peanut Butter Cup ice cream


Angie's Kettle Corn


What are some start of summer eats you’ve been enjoying lately? Do you like it when grilling season begins?







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6 thoughts on “WIAW #16: Introducing My Gluten Free Waffle-wich

  1. Yes to waffle sandwiches! So good. And yes to grape leaves. They are one of my favorite foods ever. I went to a Greek festival once and bought a alb can of them which lasted an embarrassingly short amount of time haha


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