Life Lately: June Edition



This Thursday, I’m thinking out loud in the style of the Currently posts that have been floating around the blogosphere lately. After seeing these posts from Julie, Amanda, Tina, and more, I decided to share my own current things, because that’s what thinking out loud is all about anyway. So here is my Life Lately: June Edition!


Current Book: Unfortunately, my stack of BarBri bad boys to prep for the New York bar exam in July. But I am always re-reading my favorite summer book before falling asleep. It’s called The Big House, and it’s about a family that built a grand summer home on Cape Cod at the turn of the last century, and all of the ways the family members’ lives became entwined with the house. I spent childhood summers down the Cape with my grandparents and have always loved any book to do with Cape history. Even though I won’t be back this summer, it’s a lovely reminder of the spirit of the place. 


The Big House


Current Music: My favorite summer mix including lots of Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Matt Nathanson, and most recently Gloriana and Alex & Sierra. I have ‘Scarecrow’ on repeat a lot!

Current TV Show: I’ve been re-watching Hart of Dixie and Parks and Rec on Netflix later in the evenings after finishing up with studying for the day. It’s nice to unwind to something familiar and relatively upbeat.

Current Shoes: When I’m not in my running kicks, I can be found in either Sebagos or flip-flops all summer long.



Eliza B. Flip Flops













Current Running Gear: My Lululemon Run Stuff Your Bra sports bras. They are amazing for when you need somewhere to stash keys, credit card, tissues, or anything else and don’t want to lug around a running belt in the heat. The only downside – I have been wearing them so much on long morning runs (that get extended while I dally outside to avoid studying) I have gotten an amazingly defined farmer’s tan!


Lululemon Run Stuff Your BraTan line










Current Running Goals: I’m on my way to qualifying for the NYC Marathon in 2016 through the NYRR 9+1 program, and I’ve done three shorter races recently to get up to #5 – the Healthy Kidney 10K, the Retro 4-Miler, and the Oakley Mini 10K. #6 is next weekend!


Oakley Mini 10K


Current Celebration: Right after law school graduation, my best friend told me she was expecting, so lots to look forward to with that! And I just booked tickets for my “bar trip” after the exam. I’ll be going back to England in August to visit all my friends from college for the first time since we left three years ago, and I am so excited!


Law School Graduation


Current Breakfast: My Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake on days I feel like using the oven, and Corn Chex when I don’t. These are pre-run breakfasts, so they need to be full of sweet carby deliciousness in a small, digestible package 🙂


Gluten Free Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake


Current Drink: Lots of decaf iced coffee, all the time. Whether it’s a splurge on Oren’s in the city or Steve’s Bagels here in Connecticut, or making it myself at home, it’s a twice or thrice-daily habit.


Decaf iced coffee


Current Indulgence: Ice cream and lots of it! If you don’t know already from my WIAW posts or odes to various ice cream shops, it is my obsession and my everyday treat. From Emack & Bolio’s, Deborah Ann’s, Ferris Acres, or straight from a carton in my freezer. 


Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

Edys Neapolitan Sundae




What are some of your current favorites? 


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9 thoughts on “Life Lately: June Edition

  1. I’ve been loving iced coffee too! I never want it when it’s colder out, but that’s all that I crave when it heats up. Luckily I found a cheap alternative to buying it (getting the concentrate from Trader Joes) but when I’m visiting NYC next week I’ll have to check out Oren’s!


  2. I’m the strange one who still drinks hot coffee in the summer — I can’t help it! I can do iced coffee every now and again, but the hot kind has my heart. And thank you for making me crave a breakfast bake right after I just finished eating breakfast 😛 At least I can still go get some coffee…


  3. I’m with you – I can’t get enough ice cream lately. I don’t know what it is, but my sweet tooth is raging, and the frozen yogurt, or “healthy” options just aren’t cutting it. I want the real deal ice cream as of late!


  4. I still drink hot coffee in the morning. There isn’t a season that will change that fact of life 🙂 Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake sounds awesome!

    Have a terrific Thursday! I’m happy to have found your blog.


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