WIAW #15



Well, here we go again – a WIAW featuring a day of bar study eats! My meals are pretty monotonous lately, since I’m basically in run-eat-study-repeat mode, but I continue to find ways to mix it up a bit. For example, my pre-run snack yesterday morning. I had a couple of rice cakes smeared with peanut butter and apple butter. I love PB&J, but this is definitely a new favorite combination. And when I pair it with some crisp apple slices? Pre-run snack perfection. I’ll have to add it to the roundup!


Peanut butter and apple butter


Brunch: I came back from my run and showered off, then decided to make myself a real meal instead of waiting until “lunchtime” because that’s for silly people who live by the clock. I was craving something crisp and refreshing so started with an iceberg wedge salad with honey dijon dressing, and was so hungry that I actually ate this standing in the kitchen while whipping up one of my tried-and-true omelets with Udi’s gluten free toast. Apologies for just how many omelets I’ve shown you all, usually of the Turkey Cheddar variety. This one had a little twist – turkey with some really good olive oil asiago cheese, a little decadence for the day! And I wound up with the other half of that apple and another rice cake with peanut butter and apple butter, and a few strawberries, for a sweet finish.


Salad with Annies honey dijon dressing



Turkey Cheddar Omelet and Udis gluten free toast


Peanut Butter and Apple Butter




Late Lunch: I was hungry again by 2pm, after studying for a couple of hours and taking Sasha for a brisk walk in the woods. We took a late lunch break together after (where, as you’ll see by the background, I actually moved from the table where I’ve set up my study station to our kitchen island for a change of pace!) I had an iced decaf coffee and some more salad, this time made into a Greek shrimp salad with feta and dolmades. And a peach to follow. Sasha had a biscuit, of course.


Greek salad with shrimp








Dinner: Keeping it simple again with a bowl of brown rice, grilled chicken strips, and mixed veggies. I popped the brown rice into the rice cooker so I was free to study away, and the veggies went from the freezer to a quick sauté in the frying pan. Basically, this is the meal that I turned into leftovers for lunch the next day last week, and it’s pretty typical for me to do this weekly. I topped the whole thing with some fresh grated Parmesan and Asiago cheeses!


Chicken, brown rice and veggies



Chicken, brown rice, and veggies bowl


For dessert, I had a bowl of fresh watermelon and some yummy So Delicious Gluten Free Cookie Dough ice cream straight from the carton. If we’re being honest, I started with half a carton and licked it clean. It is SO GOOD. And that was a wrap!




So Delicious Gluten Free Cookie Dough



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7 thoughts on “WIAW #15

  1. Haha I love your pup. So cute : ) And that ice cream… oh em gee. I need some. Looks beyond amazing. Between yesterday and todays post, I think I’ll be having cookie dough for dinner. : )


  2. My husband studied for the bar two summers ago so I totally understand what you’re going through and the need for easy meals! Your day still looked pretty delicious 🙂


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