First Week of June + Dinner at the Eveready Diner

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope all of your weekends are off to a great start. While the week started off pretty gloomy with lots of rain here in the northeast, it’s been a beautiful past couple of days and June is shaping up nicely, so I’m checking in about life lately – running, studying, and start-of-summer eats, including a trip to the Eveready Diner.


Despite the rain, I managed to get some good runs in this week. I did 6 miles each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Connecticut, on the roads near my house and the Rail Trail, and have a 4-mile race tomorrow in Central Park that I’ll add a mile to with jogging to the start. I was lucky on Monday that there was a lull in the storm in the morning – not so lucky later in the day when Sasha needed to go for a walk. We are both glad the sun has come out to play, though it looks like there might be a few storms in the coming week. A warm and dry puppy is always the happiest!


A sunny trail for my run...

Sasha wasn't sure if it had really stopped raining!
















Actually, June is pretty race-heavy for me, since in my quest for 9+1 for the NYC Marathon next year, which I only decided I was embarking on last month, I signed up for NYRR races for 4 of the 5 following weekends. I suppose it’s appropriate, this being the month of National Running Day and all. I ran the Healthy Kidney 10K last Saturday, and tomorrow is the Retro 4-Miler. This coming Saturday is the Oakley Mini 10K, and then I have another 5-miler the last weekend in June. After that, I will have completed 6 races and hopefully my volunteer +1, and be in good shape to throw in a few extra come autumn, after the bar exam and my post-bar break and travels. They’re all short distances so I’m pretty much treating them like training runs and not aiming to ‘race’ for a PR or particular time, just as training runs that occur with November Project pre-race photos, water stations, and weekend brunches afterwards. I’m glad to have my pre-run snacks at the ready. Yesterday morning I whipped up a PB&J Oatmeal Cake to go with my post-run iced coffee – it’s good on either side of an outing!


Can't get enough of my PB&J Oatmeal Cakes and iced coffees pre- or post-run these days!



Part of fueling up this week took place on Thursday evening at the Eveready Diner in Brewster, New York. The original branch is a little further upstate in New York in Hyde Park, Dutchess County, where Springwood and Val-Kill are located. I’ve been there a couple of times, when my dad and I went to visit the FDR Library and on our trip to Olana (the home of Frederick Church) last summer. But my whole family was happy when a branch of the Eveready opened in Brewster, less than half an hour from our house, and easy to get to for a weekend brunch or weeknight dinner. Thursday evening my dad and I were both craving breakfast-for-dinner, so we hopped in the car and headed up for some of the best diner eggs around. 


A classic diner...


I opted for my usual meal, an omelette with grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, and mushrooms, with buttered gluten-free toast and a fruit salad on the side. Sometimes I’ll go for a spinach and feta or lox n’ onions omelette, but in general with me if it’s the Eveready it means eggs! Of course they have lots of other delicious options like any diner worth its salt (and this one holds its own) but I’m a creature of habit. And who wouldn’t be with this dish?


...makes a mean breakfast-for-dinner!


That dinner also provided me with some humorous perspective. When we walked in, the waiter said something and laughed and my dad laughed too, and I was totally zoned out after studying all day and had no idea what they were on about. Later that evening, my dad told me he had asked if I wanted a kids menu! I was wearing my Oxford hoodie so thought it must have been a joke, but one never knows…perhaps studying de-ages your appearance by a decade as you revert to childhood habits? I know I look young, but that would be crazy! Other than all the running and eating, I’ve mostly been focused on studying for the bar. It’s only been two weeks, and I already have a stack of flashcards teetering dangerously on my dining room table… Luckily I’m keeping it all balanced for now, and the weekend ahead will find me sliding between the scales.


What are you up to this first June weekend? Do you have a favorite diner?




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2 thoughts on “First Week of June + Dinner at the Eveready Diner

  1. Great job on getting your runs in ever despite the rain! :O (I really want an omelette with grilled chicken now–that sounds delicious! *-*)

    hahaha on the kids’ menu! I don’t think I’ve tried asking for that in a while, but I wonder what would happen if I put on a big hoodie?

    Good luck on all your races!


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