From Memorial Day to Wrapping Up May

This May seems like it really flew by, with a highlight reel including the end of law school, time with friends and family, some awesome runs, fun new recipes, and treats while out on the town. On Monday we will be ushering in June, so although there’s still a full weekend left (including a 10K race for me tomorrow!) I figured it was high time for a recap of this month. 



Law School Graduation


On May 6, I took my last ever final exam of law school. After four years of high school, three years of college, and three years of law school, it’s all over. I could hardly believe it when it happened. It felt so surreal. And on May 21st, I graduated! I went through commencement with my family in attendance, wearing a ridiculous outfit and loving every minute.










Central Park Reservoir


In between all that academic stuff, I went for some pretty amazing runs in Central Park and in Connecticut, both solo and with friends.








JG Melon


I dined at some of my favorite restaurants, with delicious post-run brunches and JG Melon dinners. I also spent way too much time at Alice’s Tea Cup, which inspired one of my new recipes this month – an Apple Butter Tea Cake.












Morning Maple Muffins


I came up with even more scrumptious new recipes, from Morning Maple Muffins to both Banana Bread and Blackberry Bramble Oatmeal Cakes.









Confetti Crispie Clouds


And of course, Confetti Crispie Clouds, Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug, and Decadent Dark Chocolate Cupcakes for all the dessert aficionados out there! I really love my sweet treats to end a meal or my day, and I’m happy to share the ways I feed my cravings with all of you in my recipe posts and photos.









Francois Payard Macarons


Let’s not forget the graduation macarons









Deborah Ann's


…or the ice cream! My family knows my sweet tooth. Not only was I introduced to Ferris Acres and lucky to have a return trip, I got to grab a scoop of rich and creamy honey vanilla with rainbow sprinkles at my hometown favorite, Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe. They serve Mr. Shane’s ice cream there, which is a wonderful local brand that used to have its own stand-alone shop but became a wholesale-only creamery when I was in middle school. 






I enjoyed that sweet treat on Memorial Day, to cap off a Monday filled with nostalgic fun. I took a break from the start of bar studying to attend the town parade with my family. They say that half the town marches, and the other half turns out to watch, and judging by the crowds it must be true!


Ridgefield memorial day parade

Ridgefield memorial day parade










All in all, it was a great way to end a momentous month. What was the highlight of your May?

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7 thoughts on “From Memorial Day to Wrapping Up May

  1. Congratulations on graduating from Columbia Law! I went to Penn undergrad so I’m all about the red and blue, but I love the color of Columbia’s gowns!! Your muffin recipes look awesome, I’ll have to give it a try! I was in NYC over the holiday break and was so happy to run two days in Central Park! 🙂


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