Return to Ferris Acres

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my first trip to Ferris Acres Creamery with you. It’s pretty obvious that ice cream is one of my main food groups, so a find like this is just the best thing! It’s the perfect distance from my family’s home in Connecticut – far enough that it won’t be a daily or weekly treat while I’m home studying for the bar exam this summer, but close enough to be an every-so-often sweet surprise. Last Saturday, my dad and I went for another round in honor of my law school graduation. On the actual day, I went to lunch with my parents and all four of my grandparents, but I ended up being a little sidelined on such a special day due to logistics and such (which was okay, because I love my family!) So I was happy to get this little moment of sunshine and sweet ice cream. Also, cows.


Ferris Acres Creamery Cows



I hadn’t realized on the first trip, but Ferris Acres actually stocks gluten-free cones. For me, this makes it even better, because ice cream cones are actually one of the foods I miss most from my wheat-eating days. It’s so small in comparison to bread and bagels or cookies and cake, but I can bake my own gluten-free substitutes and in any event never really relied on those things as dietary staples. The cones, though…it makes a difference being able to have a good old-fashioned scoop on a cone with sprinkles, just like when I was a kid! 


Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone


I opted for one of the daily special flavors, Cherry Vanilla, in a gluten-free sugar cone with rainbow sprinkles. It was a super-creamy vanilla with chunks of sweet Bing cherries, good to the last lick! I think I preferred the flavor I had last time, Raspberry Swirl Chunk, because the base ice cream was sweet cream rather than vanilla and I really, really like the whipped cream flavor that the ice cream had, but it’s really a question of which is most delicious on a scale of tasty to to-die-for! And I really loved being able to have a cone at the ice cream stand just like I used to.


Cherry Vanilla Ice CreamGluten Free Sugar Cone



















And one more thing I noticed this time – if I wanted to bring Sasha along, they even have a puppy special! Obviously dogs can’t have chocolate, but I realized there’s really no reason for them not to have ice cream after thinking about it. Dogs (or at least my very pampered pooch) can eat cheese, yogurt, and lots of other human dairy foods. Why not a sweet treat for them too?



Puppy Ice Cream



Did you enjoy a trip to the ice cream shop this Memorial Day weekend? How did you celebrate?



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2 thoughts on “Return to Ferris Acres

  1. I was craving ice cream all weekend, especially on a hot and sunny day this Saturday. And of all the things we did this weekend, somehow ice cream NEVER HAPPENED. Come on!

    A little late, but congrats on your graduation!! What an amazing accomplishment and an exciting whirlwind of a time for you right now. Good to see you are enjoying some down time at home with the family!


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