Graduation + The Shape of Things to Come

Well, it happened. I’m officially a law school graduate! Thursday, May 21st, was the Columbia Law School Commencement and I walked across the stage as my name was called, eager, nervous, and excited all at once to be finished with this chapter of my life and to prepare for the next.


Law School Graduation

A newly minted Juris Doctor



But there are actually a couple more pages to this chapter, even though graduation is over. After graduating from law school, you have to pass the bar exam in order to be qualified to actually practice as a lawyer. So at the end of July, I’ll be taking the New York bar exam. Afterwards, I’ll have two months of freedom before I begin working – to relax, to travel, to spend time with friends and family, maybe even to get cracking on the novel I’ve been dithering about. But between now and then, my daily schedule will be focused on studying for the exam. I’m not one to focus wholly on studying to the exclusion of everything else in life. I’ll still be spending time with friends and family, running, cooking and such. It’s important to keep a balance! That said, my blogging schedule may ebb and flow with the pace of my studies.



Columbia Law School Graduation

With one of my best friends at school…

...and with another, celebratory selfie-style!

…and with another, celebratory selfie-style!



















When I started blogging back in December, I was posting 3-4 days per week. For awhile this spring, I was posting nearly every day, as I was really getting into the habit and feeling more like a ‘real blogger’. More recently, I’ve been on a 5 days a week kick, posting Monday through Friday. What I’m planning to do is cut back a bit to the way it was when I first started, but retaining the new habits I’ve acquired, like scheduling posts and sharing when I have spontaneous events or just really pretty pictures I want to share. My tentative plan is to share weekly updates and a new recipe on Mondays, continue with my WIAW and Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, and maybe throw in another post each week if there’s something in particular going on. This way, all of you lovely people who have been following along on my journey know about the shape of things to come and when to look out for new reads!






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8 thoughts on “Graduation + The Shape of Things to Come

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! This is awesome. Good luck studying for the bar, and then enjoying some time to relax and celebrate. I look forward to your upcoming blog schedule as well. I’m impressed with how often you’ve been able to blog. I think the max I ever hit was three times a week- Magical Mondays, a review on Wednesdays, and a recipe on Fridays. I’ve been chilling at the once a week momentum as I start grad school next month. Once again, CONGRATS!!!!


  2. congratulations.
    I can speak personally on how blogging gets tough to keep up with when you have so much going on.
    You’ll do a great job, no doubt.
    Looking forward to what’s to come.


  3. Nooess! How did I miss this post!? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ❤ I'm so happy for you!!! 😀 We get to be in the fancy/funny hats club now! 😛

    Best of luck to you on your bar exam–I hear the NY one is one of the toughest, but I bet you'll kill it! ❤ Totally with you on the importance of keeping a balance! I tried the hermit thing and it really did not go well. ._. (I hope you celebrate to the max in those 2 months afterward!) My blog posting schedule is probably going to undergo some changes as residency starts/takes hold of my life, but I've been doing some writing into the future, so hopefully it won't be too crazy!


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