WIAW #11: Getting Ready to Graduate



This Tuesday’s eats were all over the map. I was in the midst of preparing for my law school graduation tomorrow (!!!) so that I wouldn’t be rushing around today to get anything ready. I found time for a lovely morning run yesterday though, and managed to whip up a lot of healthy mini-meals to get me through the day. Whenever I’m looking forward to something, or I’m nervous, I feel hungry but not in the mood for anything major, so it ended up working out okay. And here goes my WIAW!


Breakfast: I got up early and let this Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cake bake, while I finished gathering up my outfit for graduation and laying it out so I’m prepared. I wasn’t sure if I would need to steam it and didn’t want to leave it to the last minute! I had my meal at 8am and then tied up a few other odds and ends before heading out for a run. 




Lunch: I was still in a breakfast-y sort of mood after my morning run, and it was only about 11am, so I started off with more of a brunch. One of my Turkey Cheddar Omelets stuffed with yummy honey roasted turkey breast, and a tall glass of iced coffee.




I also had a Greek yogurt with peanut butter and brown rice crispies (what else is new?)




Afternoon snack: I had a bowl of Skinny Pop mixed up with Kay’s gluten-free protein pretzels, and a Pink Lady apple, around 2pm. I was very snack-y all day, because I was constantly up and about in the afternoon, making sure I remembered to sort some things and just have everything ready to go come tomorrow morning!


Snack time


Dinner: I ate early, just as the clock struck 6, starting with a salad topped with feta cheese and honey mustard vinaigrette, then had a Gouda and caramelized onion chicken burger topped with extra Gouda cheese, and a side of garlic broccoli rabe. All delicious and summery! I like to have warm, home-cooked meals even when it’s hot outside, but generally go for things you throw on the grill rather than using the oven. I also had some veggie quinoa pasta, pictured here before I added some extra feta.









Dessert: Of course I had ice cream. How could I not? French Silk (espresso ice cream with vanilla mousse and dark chocolate chips) was the order of the evening, scooped out around 8pm. I paired it with an espresso macaron from Francois Payard, a patisserie a few blocks away from my apartment. My favorite macarons are the berry flavors, but I’m saving those for a graduation dessert. Instead I had a chaser of fresh strawberries!




Francois Payard Macarons




And that’s a wrap on Tuesday’s eats. Today I’ll be fueling up for graduation on the morrow!


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9 thoughts on “WIAW #11: Getting Ready to Graduate

  1. Graduation!!! Congratulations are in order! 🙂 And those noodles look like the most fun noodles ever! I’d probably spend more time playing with them than eating them. ;-D


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