Five Things Friday #6: Friends & Family, Food & Fun

This week, I’m dedicating my Five Things Friday to five of the most important ‘F’s in life. Family, friends, food, fun…and flowers? Yes, it’s really spring (and even a bit summery here in New York), so I think flowers qualify. You all know how much I love them anyway. I’m really lucky that, now that my last law school final exam is finished, I get just about two weeks before graduation and the start of intense bar examination prep in which to spend lots of time on these five things. They’re all interconnected, since I mostly enjoy the food and fun with friends or family. So let’s get to it!

1. Family: I get to see my grandparents and cousins for Mother’s Day on Sunday and spend a long weekend in Connecticut with my family and Sasha. Sasha is the number one member of the family as far as all of us are concerned, and she’s always ready for her close-up! 





2. Friends: On Wednesday, I had my FINAL final exam of law school, so I didn’t get to my November Project workout as I needed to do some last-minute studying… Until I decided to meet a friend who’d already finished for brunch at a nearby diner! I then ended up walking up to school after getting impatient waiting for the crosstown bus, and after I finished the exam, I wanted some fresh air and the sun had come out, so I walked home too! My backpack gets a little heavy but I can handle it when it’s just a laptop and some bits and bobs. It did mean that my 2-mile morning walk (before breakfast) and 4 miles each way to school, plus a bit more travel downtown in the evening, gave me a dozen-mile day without a run! Like I said in my WIAW, this is why I eat ALL THE TIME. Anyway, that day my friend Kaitlin turned 24, and I got to celebrate with her and a bunch of her amazing friends at Bareburger. Delicious food, lots of fun, and friendship all in one! 


Sweet potato fries...and yes I ate most of that basket after all the walking Wednesday!

Sweet potato fries…and yes I ate most of that basket after all the walking Wednesday!

Turkey burger with manchego cheese and mushrooms on a collard green "bun"

Turkey burger with manchego cheese and mushrooms on a collard green “bun”





























3. Food: In addition to that delicious dinner, I really got cozy with the ice cream this week. What can I say? Ice cream and fruit are pretty much in a tie for my top edible affections, like I’ve said before! I also enjoyed a lot of yummy summer berries.


Vanilla fudge and caramel swirl...

Vanilla fudge and caramel swirl…

...and some GIANT strawberries!

…and some GIANT strawberries!

































I was craving strawberries so much the morning after that dessert, I whipped up one of my Strawberry Fields Oatmeal Cakes for breakfast!


Strawberry Fields Oatmeal Cake

Strawberry Fields Oatmeal Cake




4. Flowers: Still loving them, not sick of the pollen and slight sneezes yet – I’m lucky that my allergies are mostly to food and not nature. I can find new ways to enjoy delicious treats by creating my own recipes, but there is no allergy-free nature and I do pity those who can’t enjoy spring to the fullest!




In Carl Schurz Park

In Central Park

In Central Park



























5. Fun: Friends, food, family, and flowers are fun. Running is fun (most of the time!) Creating new recipes is fun. Enjoying the little things in life is its own kind of lovely experience, as is celebrating big milestones. There’s a lot of life left to live and a lot of fun to come, so I plan to get started this weekend. Happy Friday, everyone!


Lots of fun in the sun at Bethesda Fountain

Lots of fun in the sun at Bethesda Fountain



What are you enjoying this Friday?


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