Apple Butter Tea Cake

In the past week, I’ve visited all three locations of Alice’s Tea Cup with friends. No matter what, it’s always the right time for tea and cake. This gorgeous weather puts me in the mood for iced tea, and it’s a lovely place to chat. It also means I’ve watched three friends munch on their delicious scones while I contemplated making my first attempt a gluten-free scone recipe! In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with my tea cakes…


Alice's Tea Cup

Rooibos Tea List


My friend Shannon's scone

My friend Shannon’s scone

My iced Wedding Chai tea with honey

My iced Wedding Chai tea with honey





I got so much great feedback on the classic cinnamon tea cake recipe I shared last week, so I’m sending a little twist on it your way! This Apple Butter Tea Cake is very similar, but puts a little American-as-apple-pie twist on the taste. It’s still completely gluten-free and flavorful. Pair it with a mug of apple spice tea for the perfect brekkie to kick off your morning. It’s also great to have some apple slices on the side…I like Pink Lady for a sweet and tart complement, or Empire for a traditional bite.



Gluten Free Apple Butter Tea Cake




[yumprint-recipe id=’21’] 


Are you as apple-obsessed as me? What’s your favorite kind of apple?




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9 thoughts on “Apple Butter Tea Cake

  1. You are a wonderful human being! ❤ Guess who just so happens to have a container of honey apple butter that she needs to use up!? 😀 I'm gonna try to make this over the weekend! :]


  2. How delicious! Loving the looks and sounds of you Apple Butter tea cake. loving all the pics from your little outing too, That butterfly is so sweet!
    Thanks for joining in with our Fabulous Foodie Friday fun.
    Have a beautiful weekend 🙂


  3. Wow, too bad they don’t have your recipe on the menu – it looks sooo good, and I love how it’s low sugar! Thanks so much for sharing. : ) And, I love how you said tea time sounds great anytime. I completely agree. Thanks for the great post and recipe. #fitfamlove


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