May Weekend Updates

Hope everyone’s weekend was as lovely as mine! I kept it pretty low-key, taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to bask in the sun on a long Saturday run and a few Sunday walks – alone, with friends, and with family and dog in tow. While I did have to study for my one final exam coming up, the little time I spent in front of the computer doing practice questions was punctuated by far lengthier study breaks. Here a few weekend updates, sharing the highlights…


Central Park Reservoir

Can’t stop posting photos of the reservoir. Too gorgeous lately!


On Friday afternoon, after my May Morning run and muffin-making, I met up with one of my dear friends at Alice’s Tea Cup for a Vanilla Rooibos tea and chat. She’s a law school classmate and fellow runner – we are running the Disneyland Half Marathon together in September. It was nice to talk running and fun even though we both knew we should probably get a little bit of studying done! But after literally running into each other on the reservoir path in Central Park that morning, it felt like fate intended us to dally awhile first.


Vanilla rooibos tea

Teatime pick-me-up

Alice's Tea Cup

In case it’s time for tea and a nibble on a weekend!

Always love a good Alice theme!

‘Drink Me’





















We took a little stroll in Carl Schurz Park afterwards, heading back down along the East River esplanade before parting ways. I’m usually only up there on November Project mornings during the week, so it was nice to see the flowers in bloom there on a sunny afternoon.


Gracie mansion

Good AFTERNOON, Mr. Mayor!


Along the path


















Friday evening, I took advantage of a members’ preview of a new exhibit at the Met. ‘Opulence and Fantasy: Deccan Sultans of India, 1500-1700’ showcased the art and jewelry of the Deccan rulers of southern India, who were eclipsed by the Mughals (who were in turn by the British colonial empire). The nexus of different European and Asian cultures in this area of the world led to the creation of some really wonderful pictures, clothing, and jewels. I didn’t know a lot about this culture, beyond a few hours spent in AP World History back in high school – it wasn’t something I studied at Oxford. So it was enlightening and entertaining for both myself and my art-loving companion!


Metropolitan Museum

One of the backdrops

The Idols Eye Diamond - over 70 carats and most recently owned by Imelda Marcos

The Idols Eye Diamond – over 70 carats and most recently owned by Imelda Marcos

















Saturday morning, I went for an 8 mile run in Central Park. It was in the low 60s and sunny, perfect weather! I had done 6 miles on three weekday mornings, for a total of 26 miles this week. 





It was so perfect that when I ventured outside in shorts later that day, I was a little chilly, because I wasn’t even bothered by the wind earlier. I did have to study in the afternoon, but made it a team effort with a friend from my class and baked a batch of banana muffins for sustenance. Study snacks are key to productivity!


Gluten free banana oat muffins



Sunday morning, I woke up and took a walk in Central Park. I decided to ramble through The Ramble, which is an area with twisting paths near the transverse at 72nd Street. Unless it is a truly crowded day, there usually aren’t too many people around, because it’s tricky to navigate unless you’re familiar with the paths. I love it for a leisurely morning stroll!


The Ramble


In the afternoon, my family came into the city with Sasha, so we took her on a walk through her usual park loop before heading out to dinner at a nearby diner. A relaxing end to a lovely weekend!





What were you up to this weekend?



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7 thoughts on “May Weekend Updates

  1. So cool that you get to go through Central Park on your daily runs! I think I’d have to pinch myself to see if it was really my life, but I’m sure you’re used to it by now 🙂 And those banana muffins look so yummy! Do they have oats, too?


  2. You are really living the dream in NYC! You always find such fun and lovely things to do. A lot of this post looks like something out of a Jane Austen novel (in a good way, of course!).

    We also had great weather here, although it wasn’t as much fun to run a half marathon in because it got pretty toasty. It was our first really warm day of the year and it felt like a summer day. I enjoyed being able to leave the house without a jacket! Today it is cooler and raining though 😦 But our high on Friday is 79! Goodbye Spring…


    • Well summer is better than a polar vortex! And I definitely try to keep my blog as a positive outlet, showcasing all the things I love about life – keeping the law school nitty gritty (and hopefully upcoming bar study) to a minimum. Much more fun to write about running, recipes, friends and family!


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