April’s Away, May to Stay

I’m starting off the weekend with a recap of all the good things that happened in April and what I’m looking forward to now that it’s May. April’s away, May to stay! Running and recipes, friends and family, walks and talks, school and play…there’s a lot to cover this lovely Saturday. Afterwards, I’ll be outside enjoying the sunshine!


In April, I…

Columbia campus



Had my last day of class at law school, meaning my last ever last day of school! (My favorite English teacher from high school told me one should never say never, but it feels pretty final to me.)








Central park ramble


Got into a springtime running groove, in the wake of the NYC Half Marathon in March. I’ve been hovering around 25 miles per week, maybe a few more, split between three weekday runs of 5-6 miles and a long weekend run of 8-9 miles. My recent 4-miler may not have been a PR, but it was still pretty awesome to get to race in real spring sunshine. 







Felt the miles fly by. November Project workouts on Wednesday mornings to mix it up, along with weekly runs with one good friend who runs at just my speed, makes a big difference compared to solely solo runs. And the effect of the gorgeous sunrises over the East River and the Central Park reservoir certainly helps…






And cooked up some delicious recipes, mostly involving cake. Tea cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, oatmeal cakes…if it’s a gluten-free sweet treat you need, you’ll find it here.



























This May, I’m looking forward to…




Graduating from Columbia Law School. Hard to believe, but I’ve made it through. Which means I’ve made it through 21 years of education, if we count two years of preschool, K-12, three years of college, and three years of law school. And I’m 23!






Central Park Reservoir


Running from spring into summery weather, around the reservoir in the city and on paths in Connecticut. One race on the calendar the end of the month, and three in the works for June (I’m aiming for 9+1 for the NYC Marathon 2016). I’ll be racing 4 out of 5 weekends from late May to late June but it’ll be a nice bar study break!






gluten free maple muffins


Fueling up for both bar study and working out with more new recipes. I started May off with some Morning Maple Muffins, and you can be sure there’s more where those came from!







Park Avenue TulipsAnd last but never least, continuing the enjoy the little things that make life good. I don’t want to ever take the beauty and magic in the world for granted. Whether it’s flowers that make the world brighter with their color and bloom, or a serendipitous run-in with an old acquaintance, or simply the sight of my puppy basking in the sun, all make life worth living well.





What are some things you accomplished in April? What are you looking forward to in May?



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7 thoughts on “April’s Away, May to Stay

  1. Aw, I love seeing my dogs basking in the sun too! I’ll eat anything with the word cake in it. 😉 It’s great to have some spring and summer races lined up. Good luck!


  2. You have me super-craving all sorts of dessert now! 😥

    I did 2 years of preschool too! :O (My brother refused to go without me, hahaha.) I feel ya on all the school, but ahhh, that be so exciting to finally be graduating! I can’t wait til I get there next year (assuming that all goes well…). Good luck on the studying! ❤


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