Run As One Race Recap

I woke up to a beautiful spring sun shining through my window yesterday morning, but it wasn’t until I stepped outside that a huge smile spread across my face. The past couple of days, New York has been thrown back into cooler temps and gusty winds, making spring feel like a bit of a tease. Now, as April nears its end, it seems as if it’s here to stay, and it might even be acceptable to dare to dream of summer!


Central Park cherry blossoms


I threw on a long-sleeved tech tee, shorts, and shoes, and jogged over to Central Park to meet some fellow November Project runners for a pre-race photo at the Bandshell. There were more than a dozen of us running the Run As One 4M this morning, a race to support lung cancer awareness and research. I love these NYRR charity runs, since they make it simple to kick off a lovely Sunday of running and brunching. I was doing the same thing this time last month, albeit in gloves and long leggings! 


November Project Run As One 2015


This time around, the sheer number of runners – over 8,000 strong – meant ten corrals and a somewhat crowded race. I was hoping to PR, and thought I might just be able to do it, but crowds rounding the corners of the park loop and creating a slower wall near the finish meant a near miss. Oh well, next time! I finished in 36:18 with 9:05/mile splits, and I got to enjoy the pretty scenic route of a park in full flower while running.


Central park conservancy


Naturally, a refueling post-race brunch was involved. A mix of running and Junior League friend-bonding went on over my favorite eggs at a nearby spot. 


P. J. Bernstein

Yes, this is the same brunch I had for dinner last Sunday

Gluten free toast butter

…but it’s just so good! (Both this brunch and buttered toast.)


























Hope your Sundays were as lovely as mine! What were you up to this weekend?


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8 thoughts on “Run As One Race Recap

  1. That all looks so fun! You are a great marketing tool for November Project, reading your posts really makes me want to join our chapter. If only I were even remotely a morning person…

    We also got really cold gusty temps last week and it sucked, but luckily this week is back to normal (the high for my race on Saturday is 72!). I try to remind myself that this is what Spring is supposed to be like – up and down, unpredictable, just shy of being warm enough – and it beats the heck out of the last few Springs when it basically went straight from dreary winter to 80 and humid every day, yuck.


    • I am a morning person, but definitely was not THAT much of a morning person until I started doing NP. I still only know a few people well, but with every workout and race more connections come, and that’s something I’m really enjoying, getting to know others who have similar passions for getting up and running outside in frigid temps 🙂

      And that’s a good reminder about what Spring should be like…


  2. That looks like a lot of fun! :] I haven’t run in the longest of times, but maybe someday next year, I can do a short charity race of some kind! 😀

    ❤ breakfast food!


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