WIAW #6: Yogurt and Peanut Butter and Ice Cream, Oh My!



Welcome to another round of WIAW! I’m really getting into this habit and look forward to seeing what everyone over at Peas and Crayons is featuring for their eats. This morning’s November Project workout temporarily distracted me. I was loving the shout-out from Christopher MacDougall in the NY Times today…and then he showed up at our workout! Now that I’m home and showered and cozying up to a plate of pancakes, I have some major food photo drooling to do before I head to school. Without further ado, here’s a snapshot of my yesterday’s eats…


Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast: Coffee, yogurt, a Braeburn apple, and an egg and goat cheese wrap inside a Food for Life brown rice tortilla. I received a package courtesy of Food for Life, and I’m happy to report that they’re a great new discovery. I love the Trader Joe’s kind, but the nearest TJ’s is one block south of my apartment – and about 1.5 miles to the west! Sometimes I buy groceries there and walk across Central Park, but in future I can find these at the natural foods store around the corner. The trick is to warm one for a minute in a pan before wrapping around your favorite filling. Then they’re nice and chewy and don’t break like a lot of gluten-free wraps!


What goes in a grown-up lunchbox

What goes in a grown-up lunchbox


Lunch: as usual, whatever I could pack for school, which means a salad with leftover grilled chicken breast, goat cheese, and honey dijon dressing. Along with a blueberry Greek yogurt and a Pink Lady apple with peanut butter. Yes, I had apples and yogurt two meals in a row.






The perfect blend of sweet and salty



Afternoon snack: Angie’s Sweet n’ Salty Kettle Corn. I love this stuff, but it’s tricky having a Costco-sized bag in the cupboard…I can easily eat three bowls in quick succession while watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix without batting an eyelash.





A PB&J yogurt parfait


Also, yet another yogurt. I need to buy stock in a Greek yogurt company, or learn to make my own! I tried something new here. I’ve used PB2 before in recipes, but I haven’t tried any other powdered peanut butters. I picked up a jar of Just Great Stuff and cracked it open today to make a PB&J yogurt parfait with some fresh raspberries. It was delicious, tasting very natural (the only ingredients are peanuts, coconut sugar, and salt) and complemented the tart berries nicely. I still prefer the ‘real thing’ when I’m spooning peanut butter out of the jar, but for stirring into recipes, the powdered kind has become a go-to.




Salmon burger with cheesy polenta and veggies

Salmon burger with cheesy polenta and veggies


Dinner: A wild salmon burger with my favorite veggie mix, along with a few slices of red quinoa polenta, pan-fried and topped with feta cheese. I loved this combination. The feta set off the polenta nicely and also tasted great with the salmon burger, and the whole meal took less than 20 minutes to prepare, which is key for success in my kitchen! (For those who joined me last week, the salmon craving continues…)





Flavor list - apologies for the shot!

Flavor list – apologies for the shot!

Dessert: The real highlight of the day. Now that spring is finally here, you can get some ice cream after dinner without freezing your bare legs off. Which means the Yorkville outpost of Emack and Bolio’s, an ice cream emporium that originated in Massachusetts. My family were frequent customers every summer growing up when we visited my grandparents down the Cape. The Orleans, Mass. shop will always be the ‘real’ one to me (not that I haven’t been to the Chatham or Wellfleet branches just as much) but it’s great to have one in my little corner of the big city too. My two childhood favorites were strawberry with rainbow sprinkles and Moose Tracks. Now I also appreciate Deep Purple Cow (black raspberry with dark chocolate chunks) and of course, Caramel Moose Prints (Moose Tracks, aka ice cream with fudge and peanut butter cups, but the ice cream is caramel). I had a big scoop of the latter last night, and enjoyed every bite!



Awesome candy too

Awesome candy too, and chocolate covered everything for gluten eaters

The main event

The main event: peanut butter, caramel, and dark chocolate in my tummy!












What’s your favorite ice cream shop or flavor?





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17 thoughts on “WIAW #6: Yogurt and Peanut Butter and Ice Cream, Oh My!

  1. Oh em gee, that salmon burger. *-* And that brown rice tortilla wrap looks good! ❤

    I think my favorite flavor is probably cookie dough, but I crave other flavors randomly too! :O


  2. That salmon burger looks good – I’ve never had one before! Did you make it? Did you just heat it up and eat it with the side veggies? (so many questions, I know)
    AND YAY for ice cream weather! I’m a fan of it year round, but at least now I can get more people to join me.


    • I am also a year round ice cream gobbler 🙂

      As for the salmon burger, it’s a frozen one from Costco – they have packages of like a dozen or so organic salmon burgers for $5! I usually either broil (in winter), pan-fry (as I did here), or grill (if not in NYC), then pair with side veggies, and here I had polenta since I was already frying stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That goat cheese/egg wrap sounds SO good. I would have never thought to pair those three things up, but now I am going to try to make that happen soon. You must love yogurt! I actually don’t like yogurt at all, unless it is one of the heavily artificially flavored ones. I wish I did though! They are so versatile. My favorite ice cream is a tossup between Ben & Jerry’s Cake Batter and Ben & Jerry’s S’mores!


  4. Great eats! Loved to hear your story about the dessert. My husband goes fishing with a friend (in the summer) and they stop by a local creamery usually on the way back. It’s pretty good, they have a chocolate one with lots of good stuff in it…And an apple pie one that’s not too bad, either.


  5. that ice cream…droooool. OMG. Honestly, I have wanted to try moose tracks for like ever but with this caramel kick on on lately (and obviously anything pb rocks my world) I would die a lil bit with that flavour. Need asap 😀

    If I were to make my favourite flavour it would be a roasted peanut butter ice cream with chunks of frozen peanut butter in it and maybe…if you’re crazy…peanut butter cookie dough pieces. Heaven. But it must be gluten free and coconut ice cream cuz I try to avoid having too much of the good dairy stuff with the whole lactose intolerance thing, but I cave and eat a bottle of lactaids sometimes… 😉


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